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3D TVs and 3D Movies are more popular today than ever before, with new technology and a greater focus on the format providing viewing experiences like never before, but you need to have 3D Glasses to enjoy the immersive graphics. There are various types of 3D TV Glasses, from the old fashioned, and almost entirely obsolete red and blue glasses have been replaced by 3D Passive Glasses and 3D Active Shutter Glasses. These two new glasses provide far greater depth and a sharper image than the old red and blue style. The most common type of 3D Glasses are Passive Polarized. The way they work is very similar to regular polarized sunglasses, as they filter light as it approaches your eye, and only allow certain light waves past the lens. Unlike normal sunglasses, each lens in passive 3D glasses filters the light differently. With a 3D television or film projector and the proper film format, the illusion of three dimensions is created. Passive 3D glasses are lightweight, and generally what you get at the movie theater. The great thing about getting your own pair of Polarized 3D Glasses from OpticsPlanet is that you can use the same pair of glasses at the theater that you use at home. No longer will you need to use the glasses that someone else had the day before. You'll have your own 3D glasses that are clear and fit your face!

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The other kind of 3D glasses, and they're not nearly as common, is Active Shutter 3D Glasses. Some versions are called Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses, and they're fantastic if your television supports them. With Active Shutter 3D technology you'll get higher resolution, truer colors and see more detail. They work by receiving a message from the TV, which lightens or darkens the lenses in each eye in accordance with the signal. There are downsides to these glasses though. First, they don't work with many TVs and movie theaters, and they tend to be far more expensive than Passive 3D Glasses. Active Shutter 3D Glasses are also heavier, as they incorporate a battery. This makes them less comfortable to wear over longer periods of time.

One other thing to consider when selecting 3D glasses is if you'll be wearing normal eyeglasses underneath the 3D Shades. Many times this is uncomfortable or nearly impossible, but some of the top brands of 3D glasses such as Polaroid and Cocoons have specially designed 3D glasses that fit over your glasses. Your spectacles can be worn as usual, while the 3D fit comfortable on top. No matter your preference or personal style, we aim to give you the 3D glasses you want and need here at OpticsPlanet!