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Like other 5.11 Tactical Apparel, 5.11 Tactical Shirts are all about helping you perform at your absolute best. A high performance shirt will help keep you safe in a number of ways. First, the design and fit of these shirts by 5.11 has been optimized to prevent excess material from snagging on branches, door knobs or other protruding objects that could tear the shirt, slow you down or injure you in the field. The material is super tough to not only prolong the life of the shirt, but also to give you a little extra padding to make wearing body armor or taking some extra shooting practice a little more comfortble. Dependent on the option you choose you can find a lightweight 5.11 shirt that breathes extraordinarily well, which is perfect for use on duty, as it'll keep you cool and dry for hours, even on hot days. Whether you're hunting, on duty, in training, riding your bike or just want to look good in a comfortable and high performance shirt, you'll be happy you selected a 5.11 Tactical Shirt.

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