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5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 8.5 12320-120-8.5-R
Shoe Size, US: 8.5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-85-R
MPN: 12320-120-85R
UPC: 844802333573
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 11 12320-120-11-R
Shoe Size, US: 11
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-11-R
MPN: 12320-120-11R
UPC: 844802333627
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 10 12320-120-10-R
Shoe Size, US: 10
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-10-R
MPN: 12320-120-10R
UPC: 844802333603
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 12 12320-120-12-R
Shoe Size, US: 12
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-12-R
MPN: 12320-120-12R
UPC: 844802333641
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 13 12320-120-13-R
Shoe Size, US: 13
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-13-R
MPN: 12320-120-13R
UPC: 844802333658
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 10.5 12320-120-10.5-R
Shoe Size, US: 10.5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-105-R
MPN: 12320-120-105R
UPC: 844802333610
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 11.5 12320-120-11.5-R
Shoe Size, US: 11.5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-115-R
MPN: 12320-120-115R
UPC: 844802333634
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 4 12320-120-4-R
Shoe Size, US: 4
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-4-R
MPN: 12320-120-4R
UPC: 844802333689
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 5 12320-120-5-R
Shoe Size, US: 5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-5-R
MPN: 12320-120-5R
UPC: 844802333696
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 15 12320-120-15-R
Shoe Size, US: 15
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-15-R
MPN: 12320-120-15R
UPC: 844802333672
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 14 12320-120-14-R
Shoe Size, US: 14
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-14-R
MPN: 12320-120-14R
UPC: 844802333665
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 9.5 12320-120-9.5-R
Shoe Size, US: 9.5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-95-R
MPN: 12320-120-95R
UPC: 844802333597
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 7 12320-120-7-R
Shoe Size, US: 7
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-7-R
MPN: 12320-120-7R
UPC: 844802333542
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 7.5 12320-120-7.5-R
Shoe Size, US: 7.5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-75-R
MPN: 12320-120-75R
UPC: 844802333559
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 6.5 12320-120-6.5-R
Shoe Size, US: 6.5
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-65-R
MPN: 12320-120-65R
UPC: 844802333535
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 9 12320-120-9-R
Shoe Size, US: 9
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-9-R
MPN: 12320-120-9R
UPC: 844802333580
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 6 12320-120-6-R
Shoe Size, US: 6
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-6-R
MPN: 12320-120-6R
UPC: 844802333528
5.11 Tactical Skyweight, Coyote, 8 12320-120-8-R
Shoe Size, US: 8
Code: T5-3B-SKYAR-12320-120-8-R
MPN: 12320-120-8R
UPC: 844802333566
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5.11 Tactical Skyweight Boot Product Info

We've got the 5.11 Tactical Skyweight Boot as well as countlesss other terrific products. We strive hard to be the best place online for quality products like the 5.11 Tactical Skyweight Boot as well as thousands of other products from the brands you love. We're big fans of the products we sell, and we love hooking up our customers with the right product. Our huge stock is backed up by high-quality customer support and the knowledge of our in-house product experts - with free economy shipping options on many items. If you want a great deal on great gear like 5.11 Tactical Skyweight Boot, get it here!

Designed to be the ultimate in utility, performance, and agility in a quick and ergonomic package, the 5.11 Military Recon Flyweight Boot is crafted from durable 1200D nylon and roughened suede in a resilient, lightweight frame. A full CMEVA midsole and nylon shank on this pair of Tactical Boots from 5.11 increase torsional rigidity and stability, a broad forefoot promotes toe splaying for balance, traction, and full engagement, and an 8mm heel to toe drop provides enhanced acceleration and momentum control. The tactical outsole on the 5.11 Flyweight Recon Military Boots features arch lugs for ladder and rope work, self-cleaning forefoot lugs, and an integrated rear heel brake. The 5.11 Recon Flyweight Tactical Footwear is made with OrthoLite insoles that offer added comfort for all day wearability.

5.11 Tactical 12320-120-10-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 10
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-10.5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 10.5
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-11-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 11
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-11.5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 11.5
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-12-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 12
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-13-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 13
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-14-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 14
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-15-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 15
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-4-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 4
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 5
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-6-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 6
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-6.5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 6.5
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-7-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 7
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-7.5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 7.5
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-8-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 8
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-8.5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 8.5
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-9-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 9
5.11 Tactical 12320-120-9.5-R: Skyweight, Coyote, 9.5

Features of 5.11 Tactical Boots - Recon Flyweight:

  • 1200D nylon and roughened suede
  • 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Self-cleaning forefoot lugs
  • Rear heel brake
  • YKK side zippers
  • Broad forefoot for balance and engagement
  • Full length CVEMA midsole
  • Nylon shank for torsional rigidity
  • Arch lugs for traction and rope work
  • OrthoLite insoles
  • 5.11 Blood Type Patch Kit included

Package Contents:

  • 5.11 Recon Flyweight Tactical Boots

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