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5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-4 REGULAR
Code: T5-3B-11008-019-4-REGULAR
MPN: 11008-019-4-R
UPC: 844802076906
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5.11 Haste Boots 11008 Product Info

Side zipper, our Shock Mitigation System, Coolmax and composite side vents for comfort and breathability.The Haste is a medium-height boot and has a leather/nylon upper with a full-grain leather toe that may be polished for uniform appearance. Non-metallic construction, comfort midsole, Drilex lining, oil- and slip-resistant outsole. Imported.

Sizes: 4,5,6-12,13,14,15 REGULAR WIDTH, 6-12,13 WIDE WIDTH

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5.11 Haste Boots 11008, HASTE COLOR/SIZE Haste BLACK-11.5 WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-11.5-W, UPC: 844802077033, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-115-WIDE
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5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-13 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-13-R, UPC: 844802076876, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-13-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-14 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-14-R, UPC: 844802076883, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-14-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, HASTE COLOR/SIZE Haste BLACK-10.5 WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-10.5-W, UPC: 844802077019, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-105-WIDE
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-12 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-12-R, UPC: 844802076869, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-12-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, HASTE COLOR/SIZE Haste BLACK-12 WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-12-W, UPC: 844802077040, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-12-WIDE
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, BLACK-7.5 EIDE, MPN: 11008-019-7.5-W, UPC: 844802076951, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-75-W
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-15 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-15-R, UPC: 844802076890, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-15-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-5 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-5-R, UPC: 844802076913, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-5-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-8 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-8-R, UPC: 844802076784, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-8-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-6.5 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-6.5-R, UPC: 844802076753, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-65-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-6 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-6-R, UPC: 844802076746, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-6-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-8.5 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-8.5-R, UPC: 844802076791, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-85-REGULAR
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5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-7.5 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-7.5-R, UPC: 844802076777, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-75-REGULAR
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5.11 Haste Boots 11008, HASTE COLOR/SIZE Haste BLACK-9.5 WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-9.5-W, UPC: 844802076999, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-95-WIDE
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-11 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-11-R, UPC: 844802076845, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-11-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, HASTE COLOR/SIZE Haste BLACK-7 WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-7-W, UPC: 844802076944, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-7-W
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-9.5 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-9.5-R, UPC: 844802076814, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-95-REGULAR
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, HASTE COLOR/SIZE Haste BLACK-13 WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-13-W, UPC: 844802077057, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-13-WIDE
5.11 HRT Haste 6in. Boots, Size 8, Wide 019-8-WIDE, MPN: 11008-019-8-W, UPC: 844802076968, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-8-WIDE
5.11 Haste Boots 11008, Black-7 REGULAR, MPN: 11008-019-7-R, UPC: 844802076760, Code: T5-3B-11008-019-7-REGULAR

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Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review Excellent pair of boots by Legacy Reviewer, January 17, 2011
This pair of boots is excellent, like most products from 5.11 Tactical, they've got excellent fit and finish and do precisely what they were intended to. I've been a runner for years, and the best way I can describe these boots is the interesting pla...
3/3 found this helpful
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