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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

5.11 HRT Pant 74001 has been discontinued by 5.11 Tactical and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the BDU Uniform, Mens and Womens Apparel, Uniforms categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

This model of 5.11 Tactical Uniforms BDU is discontinued and no longer available. Please check out our selection of Blackhawk Tactical Uniforms BDU, Hatch Tactical Uniforms BDU and other tactical uniforms BDU available at our online store.

5.11 HRT Pant 74001 Product Info

Geared to go fast. Our top tactical gear, the HRT shirt and 5.11 HRT Pant 74001 are loaded with features specifically constructed for high-speed, low-drag action. Each was designed with direct input from hardcore operators to meet their specific needs and are made of 100% cotton canvas.

The HRT pants' cargo pockets feature a BBS loop panel and two internal pockets sized to hold a pair of AR mags or other essential gear. Knees and are covered with rugged abrasion and slip-resistant Armortex, and kneepads are included with purchase. The pants feature 5.11's patented tactical strap and slash pockets, plus a welted wallet pocket. Finally, the crotch has a KEVLAR® lining to protect your femoral artery and other valuable "assets". Imported.

Package Content

  • 5.11 HRT Pant 74001 L Regular

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5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - L-R 74001-019-L-R, MPN: 74001-019-L-R, UPC: 844802030649, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-L-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XXL-R 74001-019-XXL-R, MPN: 74001-019-XXL-R, UPC: 844802030663, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XXL-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XL-R 74001-019-XL-R, MPN: 74001-019-XL-R, UPC: 844802030656, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XL-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - L-S 74001-019-L-S, MPN: 74001-019-L-S, UPC: 844802030564, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-L-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - M-R 74001-019-M-R, MPN: 74001-019-M-R, UPC: 844802030632, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-M-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - S-R 74001-019-S-R, MPN: 74001-019-S-R, UPC: 844802030625, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-S-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XL-S 74001-019-XL-S, MPN: 74001-019-XL-S, UPC: 844802030571, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XL-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XXL-S 74001-019-XXL-S, MPN: 74001-019-XXL-S, UPC: 844802030588, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XXL-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XS-R 74001-019-XS-R, MPN: 74001-019-XS-R, UPC: 844802030618, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XS-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XS-S 74001-019-XS-S, MPN: 74001-019-XS-S, UPC: 844802030533, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XS-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - S-S 74001-019-S-S, MPN: 74001-019-S-S, UPC: 844802030540, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-S-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - 4XL-R 74001-019-4XL-R, MPN: 74001-019-4XL-R, UPC: 844802030687, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-4XL-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - 3XL-R 74001-019-3XL-R, MPN: 74001-019-3XL-R, UPC: 844802030670, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-3XL-R
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - 4XL-S 74001-019-4XL-S, MPN: 74001-019-4XL-S, UPC: 844802030601, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-4XL-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - 3XL-S 74001-019-3XL-S, MPN: 74001-019-3XL-S, UPC: 844802030595, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-3XL-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - S-L 74001-019-S-L, MPN: 74001-019-S-L, UPC: 844802030700, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-S-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - M-L 74001-019-M-L, MPN: 74001-019-M-L, UPC: 844802030717, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-M-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XS-L 74001-019-XS-L, MPN: 74001-019-XS-L, UPC: 844802030694, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XS-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XL-L 74001-019-XL-L, MPN: 74001-019-XL-L, UPC: 844802030731, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XL-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - XXL-L 74001-019-XXL-L, MPN: 74001-019-XXL-L, UPC: 844802030748, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-XXL-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - L-L 74001-019-L-L, MPN: 74001-019-L-L, UPC: 844802030724, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-L-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - 3XL-L 74001-019-3XL-L, MPN: 74001-019-3XL-L, UPC: 844802030755, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-3XL-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - 4XL-L 74001-019-4XL-L, MPN: 74001-019-4XL-L, UPC: 844802030762, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-4XL-L
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Black - M-S 74001-019-M-S, MPN: 74001-019-M-S, UPC: 844802030557, Code: T5-UF-74001-74001-019-M-S
5.11 Tactical HRT Pants - Sage - L-R 833-L-REGULAR, MPN: 74001-833-L-R, UPC: 844802031127, Code: T5-UF-74001-833-L-REGULAR

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