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Choose 5.11 Tactical Uniforms BDU when you need clothing that is as tough as it is stylish. You'll get the look you want when on duty, and all the outstanding functional performance you need! 5.11 Tactical Uniforms were designed to give you the best in four different areas. First up is performance. You need to be able to move without restriction. You need to get places fast. Nothing can hold you back. 5.11 Tactical Uniforms help you get there. After performance, 5.11 Tactical BDUs are durable. You're in the field all the time. You don't know for sure how many hazards you'll put your uniform through, but you can be sure it'll be quite a bit. That's why 5.11 Tactical has made all of their uniforms to last. From the tough materials made from blends of polyester, cotton, rayon or lycra to the reinforced stitching, collars and more, you don't have worry about a tear or ripped pant ruining your professional aesthetic. The third area that 5.11 Uniforms excel is in comfort. You don't want to be sweaty and uncomfortable on a long shift, so 5.11 Tactical added in self adjusting comfort waists on many of their pants that fit snugly without pinching, and their uniform shirts and tops often have air vents in the armpits for cooler comfort. Finally, 5.11 Tactical Battle Dress Uniforms look good. This is one thing you can see for yourself, but you can be sure you'll look sharp wearing these 5.11 Tactical Uniforms!