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Pentax Angle Compensating Laser Rangefinders is now available on sale @ Superior technology of the Pentax AC 600 and AC 800 Laser Rangefinder provides correct yardage distance when shooting at upward or downward angles. The compact and lightweight AC600 and AC800 Laser Rangefinders are the perfect tool when conditions are less than ideal.

  • Available in 600 yard and 800 yard models

  • Angle compensator gives the proper distances when shooting up or down a slope

  • Superior, single beam laser technology offers improved accuracy over multi-beam units in many applications

  • State-of-the-art microprocessor automatically filters data, allowing accurate readings in rain or snow at any distance without the need to select a "rain mode"

  • Three times better distance resolution than comparable models

  • Accurate down to 12 feet (4 yards), compared to 18 yards on competitive models

  • Can measure in FEET, yards, or meters

  • Simple, one button operation

  • Operates in either non-reflective or reflective modes

  • Easy to read external LCD readout

  • Red-dot aiming allows you to verify the object you intend to range

  • Ranging laser is not activated until the trigger button is released, preventing the rangefinder from reading an incorrect object

  • Operates on one, easy-to-replace 9 volt battery

  • Includes case and strap

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Black or Camouflage finish

Pentax Angle Compensating Laser Rangefinders Specifications:

Size: 1.7"x4"x5.1"
Weight:  9.6oz.
Operational Range:  
AC600: 4-600 yards (Up to 999 yards on highly reflective targets)
AC800: 4-800 yards (Up to 1200 yards on highly reflective targets)
Range Resolution: 1 foot
Range Accuracy:  +/- 1 yard (+/- 2 yards for very dark or very bright objects)
Readout: Easy to read external LCD display
Units of Measure: User programmable in feet, yards, or meters
Viewfinder: Monocular viewing port with red LED aiming sight (+/- 0.1 degrees)
Battery: Single 9-volt battery. Operates for approximately 1000 shots (may vary with conditions)
Operational Temp: 00-400C, 320-1040F. Relative humidity 5-95% non-condensing
Laser Type: Infrared Class 1, eye-safe 905nm Laser