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AccuScope Riflescope Accessories offer you simplicity and efficiency all in one. Stop missing your targets and wasting your ammo! Get more results and cut your time to accuracy. The AccuScope Slide Chart enables you to use Minute of Angle concepts to quickly adjust your rifle scope and hit the target. Accu Scope Rifle Scope Charts are the most accurate scope sighting tool on the market. This handy AccuScope Riflescope Accessory can be used on muzzleloaders, shotguns, pistols, or rifles.

Minute of Angle (MOA) is critical to sighting in your rifle scope. MOA mathematical concepts were used to develop AccuScope MOA Slide Chart. The only MOA information needed to use AccuScope is your scope's M.O.A. number. This Riflescope Accessory determines the number of adjustment dial increments or "clicks" to rotate your scope's elevation or windage adjustment dial to accurately sight in your riflescope at multiple shooting distances. To use the calculator all you need to know is your riflescope's minute of angle number. The first version is designed for 1/4 MOA and 1/2 MOA scopes - these rifle scopes are most common. The second version is for 1/8 MOA scopes - these rifle-scopes are becoming more and more popular due to their increased precision.

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