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AimShot bore sights allow you to sight your weapon in an area where discharging a firearm may not be possible. AimShot is first when it comes to bore sighting firearm equipment. AimShot Laser Bore Sights are widely used by gunsmiths, hunters, gun shop owners, and law enforcement personnel. To boresight any caliber weapon the complete, accurate, easy, and inexpensive way, install a laser diode into a .223 Remington casing for a rifle and a 9mm or 30 caliber casing for a pistol and utilize an assortment of arbors (except 9mm, which requires no arbor). All bore sights by Aim Shot are manufactured in accordance to the highest military and industry standards with the latest cutting edge technology. All Aimshot boresight accessories come with a durable nylon case, specially designed to hold the bore sight along with all the arbors needed for the firearm.