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A simple, easy, and inexpensive way to accurately Bore Sight your weapon is to use this great Bore Sight from AimSHOT. By installing a diode into a (.223 Rem. for rifle and 9mm, 30cal for a pistol), and utilizing an assortment of arbors (except 9mm no arbor required) it is possible to Bore Sight virtually any caliber weapon. The AimSHOT Bore Sight is manufactured in accordance to the highest military and industry standards with the latest cutting edge technology. 

This is an invaluable tool for any gun enthusiast! The AimSHOT Bore Sight will save time and ammo while allowing you to sight your weapon in an area where discharging a firearm may not be possible. Gunsmiths, hunters, gun shop owners, and law enforcement personnel consider the AimSHOT a must when bore sighting their firearms equipment. 

WARNING! Dry firing bore sight laser will VOID WARRANTY!
WARNING! Laser may cause eye injury. Avoid looking directly into laser. Avoid shining at mirrors. DO NOT aim at any person or animal's eyes. Treat the laser as a loaded weapon! Always remember to unload your weapon before Bore Sighting.

Bore Sighting your weapon: The laser Bore Sight is factory aligned for simple installation. First place (3) LR41 button cell batteries for .223 and (2) D364 batteries for 9mm and 30 cal.) Place the batteries into the Bore Sight housing replace the end cap turning to the right until the end cap lightly seats, this activates the Bore Sight laser. (AimSHOT on-off modification is to prevent damage to the laser end cap). Place the Bore Sight into the weapons chamber (always maintain laser safety rules), using the correct arbor for the caliber to be sighted. Slowly close the bolt (it may not be necessary to have the bolt closed if the bore sight fits snug in the chamber).

Measure 25 yards, you may use a vice or gun rest to assist in holding your weapon on target. While the laser is on the bull's eye, you can now observe how many inches your scope or iron sights off target (the laser will put you within 1.5 to 2 inches of dead center).  Due to the fact that scopes vary, you must follow instructions for your particular scope to adjust the cross hairs to the bull's eye.  It is not necessary to calculate the exact number of clicks. You may simply click the reticule up or down, left or right until it is on the bull's eye. The same procedure is used for iron sights. Remove the Bore Sight after sighting your weapon (if the bore sight stick in the chamber, a cleaning rod may be used to lightly tap the sight out of the chamber) turn the Bore Sight end cap to the left turn off the laser. We recommend removing the batteries from the Bore Sight for storage.  A battery discharged in your Bore Sight could possibly destroy your unit.

LASER BORE SIGHT Specifications

OPERATION:on/off end cap
BATTERY LIFE (Continuously on):1hour
LASER TYPE:visible red diode laser
POWER SUPPLY:(3) LR41 Batteries for 223 (2) D364 For 9mm & 30 cal 
DOT SIZE:1.5 @ 100 yards 

Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol Bore Sights

BSL223  .223 Bore Sight 
BSL009  9mm Bore Sight 
BSL300   30 Carbine Bore Sight

Rifle and Shotgun Arbors

BSL5000  50 Cal. Arbor
ABO12  12 Gauge Arbor
AB007MM  7mm Remington Mag.
AB007MM08 7mm - 08
AB00762  7.62 x 39
AB00306  30 - 06
AB003030  30-30 Winchester
AB0032  32 Winchester Special
AB0035 35 Whelen.
AB00243  243 Winchester
AB00264  264 Winchester Mag.
AB00270  270 Winchester
AB00280  280 Remington
AB00300S 300 Savage
AB00300WB 300 Weatherby
AB00300W 300 Winchester
AB00300WM 300 Winchester Mag.
AB00303B 303 British
AB00308N 308 Norma Mag
AB00308W 308 Winchester
AB00320 320 Swift
AB00340 340 Weatherby Mag.
AB00356 356 Winchester
AB00358A 358 Alaska
AB00358W 358 Winchester

Pistol Arbors

AB0045 45 Colt
AB0038 38 Special
AB0044SW 44 S&W
AB0044R 44 Rem
AB0045ACP 45 ACP
AB0040SW 40 S&W
Status "No longer available" "Bore Sight Model" "BSL223: .223 Bore Sight" "BSL009: 9mm Bore Sight" "BSL300: 30 Carbine Bore Sight" "NoBoreSight: Just Arbor, No Bore Sight (-$90)" "Arbor Model" "None: No Arbor needed at this time" "BSL5000: 50 Cal. Arbor (+$26.95)" "ABO12: 12 Gauge Arbor (+$24.95)" "AB007MM: 7mm Remington Mag. (+$24.95)" "AB007MM087mm: - 08 (+$24.95)""AB00762: 7.62 x 39 (+$24.95)""AB00306: 30 - 06 (+$24.95)""AB003030: 30-30 Winchester (+$24.95)""AB0032: 32 Winchester Special (+$24.95)""AB003532: Whelen. (+$24.95)""AB00243: 243 Winchester (+$24.95)""AB00264: 264 Winchester Mag. (+$24.95)""AB00270: 270 Winchester (+$24.95)""AB00280: 280 Remington (+$24.95)""AB00300S300: Savage (+$24.95)""AB00300WB300: Weatherby (+$24.95)""AB00300W300: Winchester (+$24.95)""AB00300WM300: Winchester Mag. (+$24.95)""AB00308N308: Norma Mag (+$24.95)""AB00308W308: Winchester (+$24.95)""AB00320320: Swift (+$24.95)""AB00340340: Weatherby Mag. (+$24.95)""AB00356356: Winchester (+$24.95)""AB00358A358: Alaska (+$24.95)""AB00358W358: Winchester (+$24.95)""AB004545: Colt Pistol Arbor (+$24.95)""AB003838: Special Pistol Arbor (+$24.95)""AB0044SW44: S&W Pistol Arbor (+$24.95)""AB0044R44: Rem Pistol Arbor (+$24.95)""AB0045ACP45: ACP Pistol Arbor (+$24.95)""AB0040SW40: S&W Pistol Arbor (+$24.95)"