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The AK-47 is probably the most well known firearm in the world. It is cheap. Reliable. Plentiful. Stick it in the mud and it will fire. Many of us stateside like these firearms and want to customize them to our own specifications and shooting needs. Our large selection of AK47 weapon accessories, rifle stocks, tactical rail systems, slings, AK magazine pouches, and more give you a full range of goodies to slap on your favorite AK47 tactical rifle. An AK47 with a tactical weapon light, a laser sight and a red-dot sight makes for a menacing and a powerful tool in the hands of an operator. Take advantage of the great deals we offer on accessories for the infamous AK47 "Kalashnikov" and you will find your friends marveling at the sight of your new-found love.

AK47 Accessories - Picatinny Rails, Pistol Grips, Stocks, Magazine Accessories and More!

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