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We aim to not only give you the best optical equipment in the world, but also all the fantastic weapon accessories such as Ammo Pouches to help you as effective and successful on every hunting trip and tactical situation you may find yourself. It can be difficult to bring all the ammunition you need along when you're trecking through the woods in search of game, so having a quality cartridge holder or shotgun shell pouch along is absolutely essential. Whether you carry loose shells or extra magazines, we have you covered with great options from the best brands such as BlackHawk, Uncle Mike's and Galco! The ammunition pouches below come in a variety of materials and styles, with supple leather or high tech nylon fashioned into designes that can attach to MOLLE systems, belts, or even the stock of your shotgun!

Helpful Terminology

The terms "mag" or "magazine", and "stack" refer to different characteristics of the products.

  • Single magazine: Holds 1 magazine.
  • Double magazine: Holds 2 magazines.
  • Single stack: ammunition in the magazine is in a straight row, like a 1911 .45 magazine.
  • Double stack: ammunition in the magazine is staggered (typically higher capacity, 13 - 15 rounds or more). Double stack magazines are wider, to carry more rounds of ammunition in the same length magazine.

Looking at the top of the magazine is not a reliable indicator. Both single-stack and double-stack handgun magazines will present a single round at the top center of the magazine.

A magazine holder or pouch description combines these characteristics. For example:

  • Single mag, single stack: Holds 1 single-stack magazine.
  • Single mag, double stack: Holds 1 double-stack magazine.
  • Double mag, single stack: Holds 2 single-stack magazines.
  • Double mag, double-stack: Holds 2 double-stack magazines.

Double stack magazines are wider than single-stack magazines in the same caliber. Polymer cased magazines, like Glock magazines may require specific holders.

If you're unsure what you need, please call us with the manufacturer, model and caliber of your handgun or rifle, and we will assist you in selecting the correct product.

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