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Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Framboise, Pink Band+Face SVD540011
$101.99 $130.00 Save 22%
Case Finish: Light Pink
Marker/Numeral Color: Light Pink
Band/Strap Color: Hot Pink
Dial Color: Hot Pink
UPC: 847864069091
Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Lemon Pie, Yellow Band+Face SVD540013
$101.99 $130.00 Save 22%
Dial Color: Yellow
Band/Strap Color: Yellow
Case Finish: Yellow
Marker/Numeral Color: Forest Green
UPC: 847864088832
Appetime Sweets Chrono Watch, Gateau au Chocolat, Dk Brown Band, Black Face SVD540007
$101.99 $130.00 Save 22%
Dial Color: Black
Band/Strap Color: Black
Marker/Numeral Color: Black
Case Finish: Black
UPC: 847864097803
Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Mint Chocolate, Seafoam Band+Face SVD540010
$101.99 $130.00 Save 22%
Marker/Numeral Color: White
Dial Color: Turquoise
Band/Strap Color: Turquoise
Case Finish: Turquoise
UPC: 847864063600
Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Tarte aux Fraises, Red Band and Face SVD540009
$101.99 $130.00 Save 22%
Dial Color: Red
Band/Strap Color: Red
Case Finish: Red
Marker/Numeral Color: Red
UPC: 847864087156
Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Panna Cotta, White Band+Face SVD540008
$101.99 $130.00 Save 22%
Dial Color: White
Band/Strap Color: White
Case Finish: White
Marker/Numeral Color: Gray
UPC: 847864080843
Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Lavender, Lavender Band & Face SVD540012
Marker/Numeral Color: Yellow
Dial Color: Lavender
Band/Strap Color: Lavender
Case Finish: Lavender
UPC: 847864066458

Appetime Sweets Ladies Chronograph Watch Product Info

Appetime Sweets Ladies Chronograph Watch will bring to mind all those multi-colored dessert displays that tantalized your tastebuds as a kid. These delicious Appetime watches comeimage in several different dessert themes, from the ebullient yellow of Lemon Pie to the cool green of Mint Chocolate. Quartz powered movement keeps the colorful hands moving around the dial for up to two years before you need to replace the battery, and the 3D case and band connection makes these watches extremely comfortable to wear. The Appe-Time Sweets Chronograph Dessert Watch features a three-dial chronograph, complete with second, minute, and 24-hour clocks, allowing you to keep extremely accurate time. Even at night, the Sweets is useful, thanks to the Luminova hands that Appetime has installed. Indulge your sweet tooth by browsing through our collection of Appetime Sweets Quartz Chrono Graph Watches.

SVD540007 Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch in Gateau au Chocolat w/ Dark Brown Band and Black Face

SVD540008 Appe-Time Sweets Chronograph Watch, Panna Cotta Theme, White Band & Face

SVD540009 Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch w/ Tarte aux Fraises Theme, Red Band and Face

SVD540010 Appe Time Sweets Chronograph Watch, Mint Chocolate Motif with Seafoam Band, Seamfoam/Brown Face

SVD540011 Appe-Time Sweets Chronograph Watch in Framboise, Pink Band & Face

SVD540013 Appe Time Sweets Chronograph Watch w/ Lemon Pie Motif, Yellow Band and Yellow Face

SVD540012 Appetime Sweets Chronograph Watch, Lavender Theme w/ Lavender Band and Face

Specifications for Appetime Sweets Women's Watch:

Movement: Quartz
Battery Life: 2 years
Water Resistance: 3BAR
Case Size: 42mm
Case: Plastic
Bezel and Back Plate Material: Stainless Steel
Crystal: Mineral
Strap: Urethane
Luminous: Yes
Gender: Female
Chronograph Dials: Second, minute, 24-hour

Features of Appetime Sweets Luminova Watch:

  • Tasty dessert-themed watch by Appetime
  • 3D design provides comfortable, long-term wear
  • Three-dimensional strap and case interface for more comfortable use
  • Quartz movement runs for up to two years without wearing out
  • Mineral crystal face
  • Luminova hands provide glow-in-the-dark timekeeping
  • Variety of color themes modeled after desserts and pastries
  • Supple urethane strap
  • 3BAR water resistance
  • Large-numeral index
  • Three-dial chronograph displays seconds, minutes, and 24-hour clock

Package Contents:

  • Appetime Sweets Ladies Chronograph Watch

Appetime Sweets Ladies Chronograph Watch Comments