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You have discovered our ArmaSight Zeus Thermal Rifle Scopes product line. These items all tie together as a specific subsection of ArmaSight, and have common features and a reliable performance level. These state of the art Zeus thermal scopes have been created by ArmaSight and can be used for a variety of night time applications or missions. These applications can range from the military marksman to the highly committed hunter who needs to find their target throughout the night. They attach to a standard Picatinny Rail and the sight itself has a viewing screen, camera, and a computer system. If you have any questions tell us. Our product pros will help you work out if the ArmaSight Zeus products are right for you, or if another ArmaSight product series could be a better fit. If you're concerned with how well these items perform, check out our ArmaSight Zeus Reviews, our other ArmaSight Reviews and our Thermal Imaging Reviews. They were written by customers like you and give useful insights. And don't forget that a majority of purchases greater than $49 receive free shipping!