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ATN Thermal Vision are a fantastic choice for higher end uses, from home and perimeter security to hunting and military operations where visibility is low. ATN is known around the world for the quality of their night vision devices, and they have proven themselves again and again as an innovative leader in low light imaging. But there are certain situations where even their outstanding night vision can't see. In these situations an ATN Thermal Imager is the perfect choice. Unlike ATN Night Vision, which amplifies light to produce a usable image, ATN Thermal Imaging Scopes view infrared light, which is given off in varying amounts by almost everything. What is really great about ATN Thermal Optics is that they help you see through heavy smoke and fog. These conditions would render most traditional night vision devices useless. Thermal Imagers will still detect the heat signatures of people, animals or cars, so you'll still be able to get a great view. This is especially helpful in perimeter security, where simply detecting a possible invader is of the utmost importance. If there's a little rain or fog, a smart intruder would know they are mostly invisible. Keep your home or base totally protected by using an ATN Thermal Imager to get a perfect view.

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ATN Thermal Vision devices have a wide variety of uses. Hog hunters love them because they provide a good view of game through foliage. If your rifle is equipped with an ATN Thermal Vision Rifle Scope you'll be able to accurately take a shot when others cannot. ATN Heat Vision is also extremely useful for rescue operations where even the faintest reading from the optic can alert rescue teams to a person's presence. The numerous applications for ATN Thermal Imagers makes them some of the most versatile optics available from OpticsPlanet!

ATN Thermal Imaging

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