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Built entirely in the USA, ATN ThOR Thermal Image Riflescopes have been designed to be the most advanced digital night vision technology available to military, police and hunters that require an affordable way to shoot at night. These Night Vision Riflescopes from the night vision experts and product engineers at ATN uses Mil-Spec Lenses that allow them to be battle-worthy for almost any mission, operation, or outdoor activity. Each ATN ThOR Thermal Imaging System features a digital menu that offers you a multitude of adjustments and options that allow you to customize your system to your personal preferences. With a number of reticle options displayed on a color OLED screen, ATN ThOR Thermal Scopes will make sure that you have a sharp color reticle when you need it. With all digital controls, the ATN ThOR Thermal Imager's reticle will never move off base, ensuring that you will never have to reset to zero. ATN ThOR Heat Seeking Riflescopes will give you incredible image quality an detail through total darkness, fog, or smoke. Darkness, camouflage or bright lights will not affect the sensitivity of these ATN ThOR Scopes. All ATN ThOR Thermal Units feature E-Zoom to expand your optical magnification. These ATN Thermal Riflescopes feature a video-out connection and cable that let you record your nighttime operation on video so you can play it back whenever you want. For a great way to make sure that you are catching all the nighttime action, choose ATN Thermal Imaging ThOR Scopes!