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Unfortunately ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the Gifts and Other category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

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ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System Product Info

ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System. Cannot see where you are backing up your new SUV? Every day hundreds of cars are repaired for damages that needlessly occur while drivers are backing up. Children's lives are at risk by being out of sight when we are backing up. Drivers being more aware of their surroundings can easily prevent these accidents. is proud to offer you ATN's patented Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System.



Auto Park 2000 auto back up technology is one of the latest hi-tech additions to the automotive accessory market. As you probably know this technology is already implemented in some of the high-end luxury cars. This has been so successful that many advertisements today depict this feature as the vehicle's most impressive characteristic. However, this technology is quite expensive and therefore was unavailable to the general public. For example, a built-in BMW system will cost you $500. ATN is the first make this revolutionary technology a reality for the average consumer by introducing this affordable Auto Park 2000 back up satefy system.


Auto Park 2000 provides the ultimate in parking & backing-up safety as well as convenience for the driver. The "Smart Parking device" feature is activated automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse. Utilizing the latest sensors, the ATN Auto Park 2000 car back up device detects objects behind the vehicle while the vehicle is in reverse. The microcomputer in the unit immediately processes this information letting the driver know of any dangers behind the vehicle through a series of specialized beeps( speaker is included). The Auto Park 2000 has three different zones. The zone distances are easily adjustable so the consumer can customize their Auto Park 2000 to their own circumstances. The first zone is the safe zone. By being silent it assures you that there is not an object in the immediate vicinity. The second zone is the caution zone. This zone typically is set to start when an object is 2-4 feet away and is noticeable by a constant beeping sound. The third zone is the warning or stop zone. This is typically set from 6 inches to two feet ( depending on the desired distance the consumer sets). When an object gets this close the beeping sound will change pitch and will increase speed alerting the driver to stop. Gone are the worries of parallel parking as well as running over a pet or a child in your driveway.


There is no electronic auto accessory that is easier to install on any car than the Auto Park 2000 (besides maybe a radar detector). It's shape was carefully designed to not only incorporate the electronics, but it's designed precisely to fit a standard license plate. We have timed many installations and have found that one can be done in as little as 15 minutes by a non-professional intaller, with the average time being arround 20 minutes. The best thing about the Auto Park 2000 installation is that no drilling is required. Even if the consumer does decide to drill, the hole will be behind the license plate and not in a spot that would be noticeable. The Auto Park 2000 includes all the parts that are needed for installation.


This is not just a specialized accessory that only some might buy, like an expensive steering wheel or an after market stereo. Being an affordable safety product and easy to install the Auto Park 2000 is an after market accessory that makes every person that owns a car, sports utility vehicle, truck or van a potential buyer. Everyone can benefit from this item. Some will be concerned with safely, some with ease of parking in urban environments.


Up to this point we have only discussed the average consumer. Now let's take a look at the professional application of the Auto Park 2000: TRUCKS-it is difficult at best to park a truck. Whether it is a mid-size truck or a massive 18-wheeler, backing up is hard to do and can be dangerous. On both the individual and corporate level the Auto Park 2000 (at least 2 per truck) can be a great tool to reduce accidents. VAN POOLS- there are thousands of vanpools used by schools, universities, and businesses that could greatly benefit from the Auto Park 2000

ATN Auto Park Parking Systems are the most affordable parking system on the market right now, and now with's Free Ground Shipping Shipping you cannot find a better deal!

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ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System, MPN: Auto Park 2000, Code: AT-ZZ-SmartParking-2000

ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System Comments

Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System by Legacy Reviewer, August 1, 2007
This ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System kept me from backing up into things in my garage. My kids love to make messes and leave thier bikes and everything else imaginable in the street driveway too. Now I don't have to worry about tha...
1/1 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review Good Product. could be better by Legacy Reviewer, July 25, 2007
This product operates as advertized but with one caveat. If your license plate is not on the bumper (Like my '96 Volkwaggen Jetta) you need to aim the device downward to make sure it picks up the other cars bumper. Otherwise, if you back up in fron...
1/1 found this helpful
Most Recent Review AtnAutopark 2000 backup safety car parking system by Legacy Reviewer, February 28, 2009
I am 76 years old and found the installation easy. I would recommend this product highly. Pros: Very easy to install- does the job Cons: None
Most Recent Review Rich Palmer by Legacy Reviewer, November 19, 2008
Quality and functionality as advertised. This unit is easy to install and sensitivity is good. Not as good as what is on my Ford, King Ranch, but it did not cost what that feature did on my truck eithor. There are only two sets of wired to connect...
1/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Review ATN Autopark 2000 Backup Safety Car Parking System by Legacy Reviewer, July 26, 2007
Absolute piece of junk-would not recommend to anyone.Wiring inadequate,had professionaly installed-held up less than ten minutes. Cons: Poor construction,inadequate wiring
0/5 found this helpful
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