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When you have an experiment that needs to be kept in the perfect environment for any period of time, you'll be glad you have some of our great Constant Temperature Equipment! All of the laboratory equipment listed below will help you maintain the perfect temperature for your test subjects. Do you need to keep a speciman cool? We have laboratory coolers and liquid Dewars that you can count on to provide a frigid environment. Maybe you need to get a speciman up to a certain temperature, either very quickly or slowly over time. We have heating blocks, muffle furnaces and heating baths that are perfect for a wide variety of laboratories! Whatever your needs are, we aim to give you the best constant temperature equipment for your lab setup.

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Are you looking for a smart and reliable way to heat a material gently and keep at a very specific temperature? A water bath is a long time staple of labs for this. Sometimes referred to as a bain-marie, a laboratory water bath is the traditional way of keeping materials warm. But just because they've been in use for a long time, that doesn't mean the technology hasn't evolved to include more exact temperature measurements and greater consistency. And we have a wide variety for you to choose from, so you can get the size and style you need to keep your materials warm! Regardless of the temperature or environment your experiment needs for greatest success, we have the constant temperature lab equipment you need to succeed!

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