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Bausch & Lomb round and rectangular magnifiers incorporate precision optics and an ergonomic design for increased clarity and comfort during use.
Bausch and Lomb round and rectangular magnifiers feature the new ErgoTouch grip that's molded to fit the hand, and a patented stabilizing edge allows for second hand steadying and increased comfort during use.
B & L round and rectangular magnifiers offer:
  • Lens design technology, providing superior optical quality across a wide field of vision
  • Patented stabilizing edge for second hand steadying
  • High-power inset lenses for detailed viewing (rounds only)
An aspheric lens is a lens whose surfaces have a profile that is neither a portion of a sphere nor of a circular cylinder. The asphere's more complex surface profile can eliminate spherical aberration and reduce other optical aberrations compared to a simple lens. A single aspheric lens can often replace a much more complex multi-lens system. The resulting device is smaller and lighter, and possibly cheaper than the multi-lens design.