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Bianchi 6 Waistband Holster - Rust Suede, Right Hand 10378 on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Bianchi Holsters.

Bianchi ultra lightweight suede design lets you tuck a gun inside your waistband without having to worry about it falling down your pant leg. The heavy duty spring-steel clip holds the holster firmly to your belt or waistband for a secure draw.

Note: The picture shown might differ from the actual product by color or finish

Specifications for Bianchi 6 Waistband Holster - Rust Suede, Right Hand 10378:

Category: Hip Holsters
Model: Waistband Holster
Type: Right Hand
Material: Leather
Finish/Color: Rust Suede
Size: 04
Fits: COLT - King Cobra, Python 4"
LLAMA - Comanche, Martial 4"
RUGER - GP100 4"
S&W - 15, 19, 686 and similar K/L frame models 4"
TAURUS - 66, 80, 82, 83 4"
WESSON - 15, 2, 2H, 2V, 2VH 4"
Carry: Strongside

Features of Bianchi 6 Waistband Holster - Rust Suede, Right Hand 10378:

  • Worn inside the waistband
  • High ride
  • Strongside or cross draw
  • Double stitched for strength and durability
  • Thin profile provides optimum concealment
  • Open muzzle
  • Heavy duty spring-steel clip fits up to 1.75" (45mm) belts

Package Content:

  • 6 Waistband Holster - Rust Suede, Right Hand

Fits for Biahcni Model 6

SizeGunFitsFinish / ColorRight Hand
Part No.
Left Hand
Part No.
07ASTRAConstableRust Suede1037010371
08BERETTA21 Bobcat, 3032 TomcatRust Suede1038810389
09BERETTA84/84F Cheetah, 85 PumaRust Suede1038410385
13BERETTA92/96D Brigadier, 92/96F Centurion, 92F, 92FCM, 96FRust Suede1548615487
05BERETTA950 Jetfire, Minx M20Rust Suede1037310374
09BERSAThunder 380Rust Suede1038410385
09BROWNINGBDA .380Rust Suede1038410385
02CHARTER ARMSBulldog, Undercover 2" - 2.5"Rust Suede1038210383
01CHARTER ARMSUndercover 2"Rust Suede1038010381
13COLTCommander, Officers' ACP, Government .45Rust Suede1548615487
01COLTDetective Special 2"Rust Suede1038010381
02COLTDetective Special, SD2020 2" - 2.5"Rust Suede1038210383
07COLTGovernment .380Rust Suede1037010371
05COLTJuniorRust Suede1037310374
04COLTKing Cobra, Python 4"Rust Suede1037810379
08COLTMustangRust Suede1038810389
03COLTPython 3"Rust Suede1037610377
09CZ75 CompactRust Suede1038410385
07DAEWOODH380, DP52Rust Suede1037010371
05DERRINGEROver/UnderRust Suede1037310374
09DETONICSCombat Master .45Rust Suede1038410385
11GLOCK19, 23, 26, 27, 36Rust Suede1802618027
12GLOCK29, 30Rust Suede1955819559
12H&KP2000, USP Compact .40/.45Rust Suede1955819559
14H&KUSP .40/.45Rust Suede1884218843
09INTERARMSFirestarRust Suede1038410385
08IVER JOHNSONPony, TP22/25Rust Suede1038810389
13KIMBERCustom II, BP Ten IIRust Suede1548615487
04LLAMAComanche, Martial 4"Rust Suede1037810379
07LLAMAIIIARust Suede1037010371
09PARA ORDNANCEP12, P13 (Not LDA)Rust Suede1038410385
13PARA ORDNANCEP14, P16 (Not LDA)Rust Suede1548615487
03RUGERGP100 3"Rust Suede1037610377
04RUGERGP100 4"Rust Suede1037810379
01RUGERSP101 2"Rust Suede1038010381
02RUGERSP101 2" - 2.5"Rust Suede1038210383
03S&W10, 19, 686 and similar K/L frame models 3"Rust Suede1037610377
13S&W1006, 1911, 4506Rust Suede1548615487
04S&W15, 19, 686 and similar K/L frame models 4"Rust Suede1037810379
01S&W36, 38, 40, 49, 60, 640, 649 and similar J frame models 2"Rust Suede1038010381
02S&W36, 49, 640, 649 2" - 3"Rust Suede1038210383
09S&W411, 457, 909, 910, 915, 1066, 1076, 1086, 3904/3906, 3913, 3913LS, 3914, 4006, 4516, 4566, 4576, 4586, 5904/5906, 5924/5926, 5943, 5944/5946Rust Suede1038410385
10SIGARMSP228, P229Rust Suede1802818029
07SIGARMSP230, P232Rust Suede1037010371
13SPRINGFIELD1911-A1, TRP OperatorRust Suede1548615487
12SPRINGFIELDXD-9, XD-40Rust Suede1955819559
05STERLING300 .25Rust Suede1037310374
04TAURUS66, 80, 82, 83 4"Rust Suede1037810379
03TAURUS66, 80, 82, 83, 415T, 445T, 450T, 617T, 669 2.5" - 3"Rust Suede1037610377
01TAURUS85 2"Rust Suede1038010381
02TAURUS85 2" - 2.5"Rust Suede1038210383
10TAURUSPT-24/7Rust Suede1802818029
13TAURUSPT-92, PT-99, PT-100, PT-101Rust Suede1548615487
09TAURUSPT-945Rust Suede1038410385
07TZ75Rust Suede1037010371
07WALTHERPP, PPK, PPK/SRust Suede1037010371
08WALTHERTPHRust Suede1038810389
04WESSON15, 2, 2H, 2V, 2VH 4"Rust Suede1037810379
03WESSON2, 2H, 2V, 2VH 3"Rust Suede1037610377

Bianchi Hip Holsters

Carrying a concealed handgun can provide protection and security, however, it can often result in pain and discomfort. This is not the case with Bianchi gear. Bianchi concealment holsters lead the way in comfort, function and durability. Each holster is engineered to fit the natural contours of the human body and evaluated in real-life applications to ensure auniform, comfortable ride. Handgun fit is precise, as holsters are wet molded then hand boned for extraordinary detail. Bianchi premium, full grain, vegetable oil tanned leather, combined with hand burnished edges and nylon lock stitching provides long lasting performance. Why so much attention and detail for a holster? Because each one proudly bears the Bianchi name.

We offer complete line of Bianchi Holsters. For our complete selection of products by Bianchi on sale please visit our Bianchi page. For more Holsters please visit our Holsters store section.