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Quite a bit has to be taken into consideration when deciding on a new holster, but one of the most well-liked and wide-spread types is a belt holster. As you can likely guess from the name, belt holsters hook into to your belt for an exceptionally comfortable fit. And Bianchi Belt Holsters are among the best. Bianchi Belt Holsters are sometimes used as duty holsters, of course cops can also pick other options. Many of us, when we think of a classic holster, think of belt holsters. They have a long history of proven and versatile use, and Bianchi has a great reputation of producing exceptionally high quality ones. We love them. The draw you get from the angle and height from a belt holster is both natural and easy to learn. The options displayed right here are some of the finest anywhere, with excellent retention and remarkable aesthetics employing the best materials, often including nylon, kydex, and, naturally, leather. We offer tons of holsters for a ton of handguns. If you're sure you need a belt holster but aren't sure which of the options below is best for you, let us know and one of our specialists (who have years of practical experience with just about every types of holsters) will be more than pleased to give you a hand. Best of luck in your search for a great Bianchi Belt Holsters!

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