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We have an absolutely massive collection of Bianchi Holsters currently available! Bianchi is famous for the amazing craftsmanship in every one of their holsters, from the classic leather holsters they started with over 50 years ago to the amazingly comfortable and compact concealed holsters made from advanced synthetic materials that have become so popular in recent years. The first Bianchi holster was designed as duty gear, as John Bianchi was a police officer and made his first holster for himself because he wanted a more effective leather holster than what was on the market at the time. Over the years the designs and materials have improved, but Bianchi's dedication to excellence and superior engineering have never wavered. We have hundreds of Bianchi holsters on sale right now, so be sure to take a look at the Holster Fit Chart to the right and visit our Interactive Bianchi Holster Selector page to find the right option for your gun and your activity. If you want a refresher course on all things holsters, or are buying your first Bianchi Holster, take a look at our How to Buy a Holster article for tons of useful information.

Holsters are more than just a business for Bianchi. They're a passion. They understand that holsters need to combine performance, durability and a great look. But Bianchi also understands that different shooters have different needs, which is why they have produced options for shooting competitions, hunting, personal protection, concealed carry, military and law enforcement needs. Each Bianchi holster was created with special care and is extensively tested to ensure it'll last for years without degrading in quality. The classic leather Bianchi Holster lives on today, but the molding process is much improved, and numerous added features, such as better retention and locking systems and more comfortable materials, have been added. Bianchi Tactical and Hunting Holsters are the tough and stylish choice for shooters around the world!

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