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We offer the best low power binoculars and opera glasses available on the market today. Most people, when looking for a compact binocular, think they have to have lower power. That isn't so! If you want a smaller binocular with better power, check out our compact binocular page. But if you want lower magnification binoculars, then this is the page to see!

So why would you want a less powerful binocular? It has to do with your activity. Lower power is much better for theater and opera, as well as rock concerts. If your target is moving around a lot, higher magnification can make it next to impossible to track. If you're at a football game and want to follow the ball in the air, you'll want a lower power binocular. If you want to watch your favorite singer belt out the world's greatest song with more detail while still taking in the overall spectacle of the show, you'll want a binocular with less magnification. We love to say that bigger is better, but the most important thing is to get the right tool for the job. We have a huge selection of 1x-6x Magnification Binoculars from top brands, so be sure to peruse our selection below to find the best option for you! See reviews of compact binoculars in our binocular forum and best seller compact binoculars review section.

Low Power Binoculars - Binoculars with 1X-6X Magnification from Top Brands!

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