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General purpose binoculars are in the middle range of magnification and size for universal applications. These binoculars offer a balance between size, weight and maginfication power. We love that, and we know many of you do as well, as you may not have a particular use in mind, or maybe you have many uses in mind but don't want or can't afford a different pair of binoculars for every different activity. The balance in these binoculars is important, as higher level magnification on a pair of general binoculars will force you to use a tripod to stabilize the image (which means you're not going to be as mobile), and too little power won't give you the image you need for greatest success. As a general rule, if you'll be holding your binoculars you won't want magnification greater than 10X. This is because at higher magnifications even a little shaking in your hands will make the image blur to the point that it may not be usable. The size of the objective lens determines how bright the image is, but too large and the binocular will be bulky and difficult to carry. There are a number of different factors in choosing a pair of binoculars, and we've collected the very best below so you can take a quick look and find great all around binocular. A pair of general use binoculars in the middle of magnification keeps these them portable, powerful and capable of great viewing success for all sorts of applications, from birding and wildlife observation to hunting and law enforcement.

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