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Blackhawk Belts do a lot more than simply hold up your pants. If you need a padded belt option because you haul a lot of gear, Blackhawk has the perfect option for you. Many Blackhawk Belts are designed to work with suspenders or shoulder straps to help evenly distribute weight. If you've had back problems or have ever experienced discomfort because of a belt digging into your waist after long shifts, you'll really appreciate this wonderful design feature. Likewise, the incredible durability of Blackhawk pistol belts makes them perfect for attaching your holster, handcuffs and radio, as these strong belts won't sag under the weight of your gear. BlackHawk Cartridge Belts are a smart way to bring extra ammo along, and if you're in emergency or rescue situations you'll appreciate the reflective strip on select models of Blackhawk Belts. They're lifesavers for lifesavers! Regardless of the reason you need a top belt option, a BlackHawk Belt will give you the performance you need.

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