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Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Series Breaching Tools give you the advantage in combat and special operations. Dynamic Entry Series by Blackhawk are specially designed for the safety of operators, both those fighting the Global War on Terror, and those engaged in Law Enforcement operations worldwide. BLACKHAWK! is constantly testing these Entry Tools to make sure they are the top of the line. With an extensive variety of professional tools, Dynamic Entry Tools are sure to meet your every need.

The Black-Hawk Dynamic Entry Breacher Tools are heavy duty, and built to your needs. These Breachers feature stainless steel wedges with non-skid friction ridges for adds stability and positioning while breaching even the most robust doors. The Blackhawk Dynamic Entry CQB Ram is your tool when door-breaching speed is required for lightweight exterior and most interior doors. The DE Monoshock Ram by Black Hawk is the flagship of the Dynamic-Entry Tool Line. This is the choice of experts around the world, the Dynamic Entry Mono Shock Ram is a very important tool when raiding known or unknown explosive environments. Designed to keep you safe this durable tool utilizes a control-flex system that reduces impact stress to the operator.

BLACKHAWK! DYNAMIC ENTRY Dynamic Duo Kit is the ultimate set of breaching tools for the majority of breaching situations. This rugged kit includes a twelve pound Dynamic Entry Thunder Sledge, Dynamic Entry The Breacher, and the DynamicEntry Duo Quiver. The Breacher by Blackhawk is specially designed for close quarters breaching, while the Thunder Sledge assists you in getting you where you need to be, and the Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Duo Quiver puts your kit in a quick access case and prevents tool movement while running, climbing, or rappelling. The Dynamic Entry ThunderSledge Series is a tool that you must not be without. The possibilities of this tool are endless, don't get caught in any situation without it. Dynamic Entry ThunderMaul Axe by Black-Hawk features a drop-forged heat-treated carbon steel striking head with a nick-resistant tempered blade. The Thunder Maul Axe by Blackhawk also features a Sure-Grip handle system which reduces the possibility of this tool slipping during an operation.

The Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Twin Turbo Entry Ram features identical manufacturing standards as the Dynamic Entry Mono-Shock Ram. This Breaching Tool is very effective during reinforce breaching situations. The BLACKHAWK Dynamic Entry Thor's Hammer is considered the most versatile tool by breaching teams worldwide. This Dynamic Entry Tool keeps you clear of the "Fatal Funnel" during those raids or special operations by allowing the your to position yourself parallel to the doorframe. This hammer tool is ultra effective on lightweight exterior and most interior doors. A great accessory to your Dynamic Entry Thor's Hammer is the Dynamic Entry Thor's Hammer Pack. This Hammer Pack by Blackhawk is designed to securely carry your Blackhawk Thor's Hammer during tactical operations. The MOLLE webbing system and the extended pouch design makes this pack a necessity for anyone that owns a DE Thor's Hammer.

The Blackhawk Dynamic Entry U. K. Hallagan Tool features a uniquely designed glass buster in addition to the stainless steel wedge. Both sides of this tool are built to withstand years of abuse. The Black Hawk Dynamic Entry Super Hallagan Tool is designed for durability and versatility. All parts of the Super Hallagan Tool by Blackhawk are stainless steel and the handle is specially designed to ensure proper hand placement and safety. Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Fence Climbers are redesigned with new technology and are now laser cut. Through rigorous research and development the Black-Hawk team have created the new Dynamic Entry Tactical Fence Climbers which are lighter, more compact, and easier to deploy then their former version. The unique design provides a scaling rung on both sides of the fence for easy and rapid egress. Dynamic Entry Break-N-Rake is specifically engineered for window entries. With a laser cut hook, serrated blade, and three 12 inch raking fins this hook is perfect for securing secondary breach locations or creating a tactical distraction. Black hawk Dynamic Break N Rake hook clears blinds, curtains, and any other obstructions while the three 12 inch fins are designed to clear out glass and any other objects.

Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Kits are the most designed to bring the you the whole package. Black Hawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Backpack Kit is the standard for most breaching operations. Included in the kit is the Dynamic Entry Bolt Master Bolt Cutter, the Dynamic Entry Special Ops Hallagan Tool, the Dynamic Entry ThunderMaul Axe, the Dynamic Entry Manual Entry Tool Pack. The Manual Entry Tool Pack itself is designed to carry the DE Hallagan Tools or DE Breacher Tool, DE ThunderMaul or DE Mini ThunderSledge, and BoltMaster. This is one tough pack, it's constructed of 1000 denier NyTaneon nylon and heavily padded with closed cell foam. The Dynamic Entry U.K. M.O.E. Backpack Kit is the kit of choice for most reinforce breach ops. The Dynamic Entry UK MOE Backpack Kit includes: Super BoltMaster, CQB Ram, U.K. Hallagan Tool, all in the U.K. MOE Tool Pack. The Dynamic Entry UK MOE Tool Pack was designed for Britain's Elite SAS. It sports fully adjustable shoulder, wait, and under the leg straps to keep this pack stable through any situations.

Dynamic-Entry DE 9-11 Series Rescue Axes by Blackhawk have an advanced polymer handle with a drop forged heat-treated carbon steel head designed long term use. The DynamicEntry BoltMaster's have heat-treated cutting edges and are the finest available anywhere. These lightweight and durable BoltMasters by Blackhawk feature an electrically non-conductive fiberglass handle system with safety-guard handgrips. Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Non-Sparking Non-Conductive Hallagan Tools are in a league of their own, and are a must for dangerous and volatile environments. The casting designs increase leverage for both fork and horn working ends. Black-Hawk Dynamic-Entry Padlock Buster features a non-sparking duckbill design and an electrically non-conductive handle system designed to give you the edge. When used together with the Blackhawk ThunderSledges, this tool is ultra effective in busting case hardened non-commercial style padlocks. The Dynamic Entry Padlock Buster is perfect complement to any tactical team's toolbox.

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