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BlackHawk Serpa Holsters combine premiere holster technology with Blackhawk's long track record of fine holster manufacturing to create a product line of holsters that are ideal for law enforcement officers, soldiers, and professionals who rely on a concealed carry weapon. BlackHawk offers a number of top of the line concealment holsters in the Serpa series, among them the CQC and the Sportster, which is geared more toward sport shooters. Blackhawk Serpa concealed holsters can feature Serpa AutoLock secure release functionality, a streamlined Speed Cut design, and either passive or active retention systems. A concealed holster by Blackhawk can be worn in a variety of orientations, whether it's attached to your belt or the small of your back. A Blackhawk Serpa holster provides superior weapon retention with state of the art technology and a quick draw, and the Serpa concealed series lets you securely carry your weapon without attracting attention.

More about BlackHawk SERPA Holsters

Serpa holsters by BlackHawk don't just come in the concealed variety. Not everyone needs to keep their gun hidden; some professionals just need to have their weapon in an accessible position. Black Hawk Serpa holsters are also available in tactical and law enforcement varieties. BlackHawk Serpa tactical holsters come in many different platforms and security levels. Wear your firearm across your thigh, in a drop leg holster, or near your boot; all of these positions are possible with a tactical Blackhawk Serpa gun holster. Serpa Duty holsters are a versatile weapon retention option for police officers and other law enforcement professionals, with everything from low-security taser holsters to Level 3 high-retention pistol holsters. Black Hawk has crafted most of these police holsters with belt loop clips, a wide range of retention strengths, pivot guards, and auto lock systems. The Serpa line of BlackHawk holsters has a lot to offer anyone who needs to wear a weapon in their line of work, whether they're an undercover officer or a soldier deployed in combat operations. A Serpa holster by Blackhawk keeps your firearm safe and ready for use when you need it.