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Blackwater Gear by Michaels of Oregon is a top of the line group of tactical equipment and military and law enforcement gear that has been developed in partnership with Blackwater USA, world's best training and tactical solutions company and Crye Associates, one of the most innovative design and engineering groups specializing in the design and development of personal military equipment. The Blackwater Gear product line features the best full body armor and tactical, military, police, and other Law Enforcement accessories that have been developed and tested with input from Blackwater USA operators with its unique hands on knowledge of the tactical needs of the military and LE agencies.

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Blackwater Gear is all about operator, all of the BlackGear products are carefully engineered from the perspective of the operator. Every Blackwater gear, Blackwater gear clothing and Blackwater gear equipment are gone through carefull design steps to provide ergonimics, versatility and ease of use with out sacrificing quality. Blackwater Gear by Michaels of Oregon pays close attention to performance details of reinforced seams, lock stitching, infra-red absorbing buckles and even how the attachment system locks pouches tight and close to your body so you can run, keep your balance and be quieter then ever. Blackwater Gear Tactical products and apparel are manufactured out of best composites and materials as well as developed, tested and proven in real world situations. Blackwater Gear is ready for your mission.

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