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Blackwater Gear Military Mens and Womens Apparel is another innovative product with the latest in fabric technology. Blackwater Gear 's Microfiber polyesters are finer than a strand of natural silk. Knitted together, these microdenier fibers join tightly to form a strong, durable, luxurious and soft fabric. Superior thermal regulating is what makes this excellent performance clothing, it moves moisture from your body for increased comfort. This would be an essential addition to a mlitary assault uniform, as sweat and moisture will not be an issue under all that military gear.

Blackwater has also adapted their Blackwater Gear Army Clothing with Visa Endurance technology. Visa Endurance technology relies on a patented silver ion release system to create fabrics that are residually protected against microbial contamination. Alot of times a soldier is out in the field carrying heavy military gear bags, tactical flashlights and cumbersome binoculars. For those occasions Blackwater outdoor military clothing 's fabric technology makes it so that you can wear the tactical silk weight apparel for days, under the most rigorous conditions and still the garment won't retain body odors, stains or moisture.

For the coldest and harshest conditions mother nature can produce, Blackwater Military Cold Weather Clothing has the appropriate cold weather gear for the job. Smart fabric used in BalckWater Military Tactical Gear allows moisture to evaporate from your body before it chills you. Superior thermal insulating factors within the fabric work with your body to regulate your core temperature, balancing it based on your exertion level. You can wear this military clothing under a tactical vest or with other Blackwater military tactical gear.