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Bodelin Microscopes and Kits bring unprecedented flexibility and excitement to the learning process. Gone are the frustrations of conventional microscopes. Finally, the teacher and student can focus on what is important. Bodelin features their newest development, the ProScope HR USB Handheld Microscope. Law enforcement divisions can simply packup a Bodelin ProScope HR USB Microscope CSI Kit and a laptop and have the lab right in their out-of-office working environment. Encased in high-impact plastic, the ProScope HR rugged construction and high-quality components are sturdy enough for a crime scene or a K-12 classroom.

Interchangeable lenses provide the ProScope HR with tremendous versatility. With the ProScope HR 1-10X Lens, the ProScope HR becomes a high-quality video camera. The lens mount is an industry standard ProScope HR C-Mount that will accept third-party lenses, and the ProScope HR Tube Adapter allows you to fit the camera mount onto any microscope or telescope. If you have the ProScope HR Stand, the microscope is secured when outdoors. Even outside of work and school, the ProScope HR USB Handheld Microscope provides extreme entertainment - all of the wonders of nature can be viewed in the most amazing detail, documented using the in-house software or the more advanced LX-ProScope Software (even more functions, like voice recording, using the Proscope ImageAnalyzer), and just like home videos with your favorite camera you can create a show, for instance, teaching the kids why they really need to wash their hands or take care of their bruises. The Bodelin Proscope HR and Bodelin Microscope Accessories is the definition of science fun, without realizing you are becoming a natural scientist.