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Strap on the most advanced goggles in the world and you'll notice the difference immediately! With Boll Goggles, UVA and UVB rays are eliminated. Acuity and perception of terrain features are enhanced. Glare and haze are cut dramatically. With Bolle Goggles , safety and comfort go hand in hand. Bolle 's expanded impact absorption system keeps you confident. Let's hit the snow!

Bolle Goggles Lens Colors

The Bolle Googgles Sunglass line offers a variety of lens choices.

Bolle Goggles Citrus Gold Lens CITRUS GOLD
High contrast orange lens with vivid gold mirror for bright conditions. 16% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Ski Goggles Verm Gun Lens VERMILLON GUN
Silver metallic coating applied to outside of rose lens to reduce glare and light transmission. 22% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Goggles Polarized Brown Lens POLARIZED BROWN
High contrast medium brown polarized lens heightens visual acuity and fights glare in the most reflective conditions. 28% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Goggle Citrus Lens CITRUS
High contrast lens, for direct sun and bright conditions. 33% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Vermillon Goggles Lens VERMILLON
Rose colored high contrast lens for all light conditions. 37% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Fire Red Goggles Lens FIRE RED
Light colored base lens w i t h layered red mirror to enhance visual acuity and cut snow glare on the slopes. 38% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Goggles Phototropic Lens PHOTOTROPIC
Light sensitive amber tint that darkens with increasing solar intensity (increase in UV rays). 41% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Goggles Lemon Gun Lens LEMON GUN
High contrast yellow lens with silver metallic coating. Good for medium and low light conditions. 50% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Ski Goggle Lemon Lens LEMON
High contrast yellow lens. Ideal for very low light conditions. 76% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Goggles Clear Lens CLEAR
Clear lens for very low light or night skiing. 82% visible light transmitted.
Bolle Goggles Modulator Verm Lens MODULATOR VERMILLON
A state-of-the-art, high contrast, light-sensitive vermillon lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions. The more UV exposed to the lens, the darker it will become. 66% to 28% light transmission range.
Bolle Goggles Modulator Citrus Lens MODULATOR CITRUS
A state-of-the-art, high contrast, light-sensitive citrus lens that changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions. The more UV exposed to the lens, the darker it will become. 66% to 28% light transmission range.

Bolle Goggles Lens Features

  • Double Lens Thermal Barrier - Bolle 's unique double lens design creates a thermal barrier, while providing exceptional optics and a superior seal.
  • 100% UV Protection - All Bolle Lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nanometers.
  • P80 Plus Carbo Glas (Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch) - Applied to Bolle polycarbonate lenses P80 Plus is Boll 's proprietary coating that provides maximum protection against lens fogging and scratching.
  • Equalizer - Bolle Equalizer technology uses a waterproof, breathable vent to equalize air pressure between the lenses and eliminate moisture. The result is distortion-free vision and no fogging at any altitude. Available on Bolle Simmer Goggles , Bolle Jinx Goggle , and Bolle Scream Ski Goggles .
  • Polarized Lens - Select Bolle Lenses contain a polarizing film that blocks the horizontal reflected component of light. The result is enhanced contrast so you'll see terrain features and icy patches.
  • SOS Prescriptiom Adapters (RX) - Prescription wearers can customize their Bolle 's with optical Bolle Rx adapters that fit inside most Bolle Goggles.
  • Optics SWAT - Patented lens changing system, integrated into the design of Bolle Zark Goggle , allows the wearer to easily swap the desired lens "cartridge" in and out to match the light conditions.
  • OTH (Over-The-Helment) - Bolle Goggles are engineered with the latest helmet designs in mind, so fit is never a problem.
  • Flow-Tech Venting - Designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flow of air over the inside of the lens, Bolle 's venting ports control airflow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice.
  • OTG (Over-The-Glasses) - Bolle X500 Goggles , Bolle X200 Ski Goggles and Bolle Boost OTG Goggles are designed to fit over most prescription glasses.
  • Air Booster System - 3-position air management system, integrated into the top of the frame, controls airflow inside the goggle. Ensures maximum anti-fog capabilities - Available on Bolle Scream Goggles .
  • Polycarbonate Lenses - All Bolle Goggles feature double polycarbonate lenses, ensuring superior optical quality.
  • Forestay System - Patented, swinging, outrigger to maintain perfect fit with helmets - Available on Bolle Simmer Ski Goggles .
  • Triple Layer Face Foam - Ultra soft fleece is the only material on your face - Available on Bolle Scream Goggle and Bolle Jinx Core Goggles .
  • Quick Release Strap - Easy on. Easy off. The Bolle Quick Release Strap makes getting goggles on/ off your head a snap.

    Bolle Sunglasses warranty is an Authorized US-based wholesale and retail distributor for Bolle eyewear and all purchases from us are covered by the full Bolle manufacturer's  warranty.  Except no cheap imitations - all of products on sale are Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic and covered by the warrany!  Bolle (B.P.O.) warrants to the consumer that for one year from the date of purchase we will repair or replace, at our option, any Bolle product that is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products which have been lost, altered, broken or damaged by misuse or failure to follow instructions provided with the product. Bolle does not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental frame breakage.

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