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Bolle Prescription SunglassesBolle Prescription Sunglasses are for those who want to look excellent while wearing corrective lenses. The style of Bolle is known around the world for sleekness, versatility and perfect fit. But Bolle Rx Sunglasses are about a LOT more than just style. Bolle has been in business for over 100 years, and for the last 60 years they've brought high tech eyewear to the market. What started as a small cottage company making custom combs and hair ornaments has evolved into a world leader for premium prescription and non-prescription shades. Bolle Sunglasses's prominence is due in large part to the innovative spirit of Bolle. They have consistently redefined the sunglasses world, and they continue to develop cutting edge eyewear technology. From Bolle's Polarized, Modular, Competivision, Eaglevision and Marine Lenses to their numerous frame designs and materials that are both more durable, comfortable and smoother than most other prescription eyewear styles, they have used these outstanding features to become the cream of the crop. Need great corrective sunglasses? Choose Bolle Prescription Sunglasses.

Bolle Rx Lens Colors
  • TLB Brown
  • TNS Gray
  • CompetiVision (Tennis)
  • EagleVision (Golf)
  • Gray Gradient
  • Brown Gradient
  • Polarized Gray
  • Polarized Axis (Green/Gray)
  • Polarized TLB Brown
  • Transitions Clear to Brown
  • Transitions Clear to Gray
  • Polarized Cobaltz (Steel Gray w/ Blue Mirror)
  • Polarized Off-Shore Blue (Gray w/ Blue Mirror)
  • Polarized Inland Gold (Amber w/ Gold Mirror)
Bolle Rx Prescription Parameters and Limits

Bolle Prescription Eyewear are offered with prescription Rx Lenses in the same frame/lens combinations that are available without a prescription. The available prescription ranges are as follows:

Single Vision Bolle RX Ranges for 6 and 8 Base frames and Rx Adapters:

  Sphere Cylinder
Far Sighted Patients up to +3.00 up to -2.00
Near Sighted Patients up to -6.00 up to -2.00

Progressive Bolle RX Ranges for 6 and 8 Base Wrap Frame Styles:

  Sphere Cylinder ADD
Far Sighted Patients up to +3.00 up to -2.00 +1.00 to +3.00
Near Sighted Patients up to -3.00 up to -2.00 +1.00 to +3.00

All Bolle Prescription RX Sunglasses should be ordered using the your Monocular PD. Minimum SEG Height for Bolle Progressive Lens is 20mm. While the Bolle Rx Prescription program from provides authentic color and performance matches of Bolle's complete range of performance tints, Bolle Prescription Sunglassesin certain prescriptions and Rx configurations, etc. the exact color may not always be achieved. Please be advised that minor color differences could occur.  All Bole prescription lenses are available in CR-39 or polycarbonate, and offer 100% UVA & UVB protection and are scratch-resistant coated on both sides.

Frequently Asked Questions when ordering Bolle Rx Eyewear

Frequently asked questions about Bolle prescription eyewear

Q: How long will it take to get my Bolle prescription sunglasses? A: All prescription Bolle sunglasses purchased from are processed within 2-3 weeks and shipped FREE of charge within lower 48 US States via DHL Overnight. Express order options are NOT available at this time. If you need assistance, you can email us or call toll-free (800) 504-5897

Q:What if I need progressive or bifocal lenses? A: You can definitely get a pair of Bolle prescription sunglasses with progressive lenses. Bolle Authentic Rx Program offered by Bolle through uses the latest technology provided by the optical industry to produce the best Progressive prescription lenses available on the market today. Bifocals are not available at this time.

Q: Can I send my own Bolle frame to to have prescription lenses installed? A: No, at this point we are not able to install Rx prescription lenses to the Bolle sunglasses frames provided by our customers.
Q: Can I buy Bolle Rx lenses from, and have them installed by a local optician? A: No. Prescription Bolle Lenses cannot be separated from lens installation. Rx Lenses must be purchased and installed by the same company.  Bolle prescription lab only installs their own authentic Bolle Prescription lenses in brand new authentic Bolle frames that Bolle has in stock.
Q: Why can't I buy new frames with bifocals or progressive lenses from A: Multifocal lenses all have horizontal lines (visible or invisible). In order to make the glasses correctly, an optician needs to determine the perfect spot for these lines to be. In order to do that, the optician needs to first fit the frame and lenses on your head properly, and then mark the "seg" height. The seg height is the vertical distance from the bottom of the lens up to a point on the lens that is even with the wearer's lower eye lid (for bifocals), or the wearer's pupil (for progressive or trifocal lenses).

On a new pair of glasses, the optician will use a felt-tipped black pen to mark the spot on the frame's demo lenses. The optician then measures the distance in millimeters, and writes the distance down on the order form to be sent to the lens laboratory. Then he installs the lenses using that seg height and your prescription. Internet stores are not able to measure the seg height properly. Any internet optical service installing multifocals in new frames must guess at the seg height.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order for Bolle rx eyewear after I have submitted it? A: Any changes to your prescription order made after it has been submitted to the lab will result in charges of 50% of the price for the original order.

Q: Can I have a fax, email or mail the prescription form to me? A: We do want you to place your order online to avoid any possible errors or typos in entering your prescription - please remember that each and every prescription sunglasses pair is custom made to the prescription specified on order.  If you need any help at at all, just give us a call or  email us!

CR-39 is a trademark of PPG Industries, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA.

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