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Bolle sunglasses - latest 2009 models are offered by with deep discounts and fast Free Ground shipping. Bolle sunglasses have long been the brand athletes trust for sports eyewear innovation. Do not accept any substitutes for the fit, form, and function of 100% Genuine and Authentic Bolle performance technology from Accept nothing less than Bolle.

Complete Bolle Sunglasses Catalog

Take a look at our complete 2006 Bolle Sunglasses line: 2006 Bolle Sunglasses Catalog in PDF Format from carries full product line of Bolle sunglasses! Looking for last year Bolle sunglasses models that you liked so much? Take a look at our 2005 Bolle Sunglasses Catalog, 2004 Bolle Sunglasses Catalog or 2003 Bolle Sunglass Catalog catalog, and we will do our best to deliver to you last year's style if you so desire! Just contact us, and our knowledgeable eyewear experts will help you select the right pair of sunglasses!

Bolle Frame Technology

Bolle Nylon Frames - The Bolle Snakes sunglass line offers durable Hydralon? frames with Thermogrip? nose pads and temples that hug your face during the most demanding conditions. This Bolle Sunglass collection also features a variety of lens choices, killer styling and Bolle's patented P3 lens technology.

  • Bolle Hydralon - Bolle's proprietary nylon frame material is virtually indestructible and comfortably lightweight.
  • Bolle Thermo-Grip - Super strength rubber temple tips and nose pads deliver firm, comfortable adhesion, especially when you sweat.
  • Bolle Air Management - Unique venting designs integrated into many of our nylon frames create a potent anti-fog system.
  • Bolle Absorber Hinges - Like spring hinges, these ergonomically designed hinges provide appropriate tension on the temple for a comfortable, snug fit.
  • Wire core Temple Tips (Vigilante/Parole only) - Adjustable wire core temple tips allow increased comfort and a unique fit for each wearer.
  • Sport Optical System (SOS) - Bolle prescription adapter design allows easy attachment of prescription lenses to most of our interchangeable lens frames.

Bolle Metals Frames - The Bolle Metals sunglass line combines nylon and metal composite frames, cutaway accents, P3 lens technology and AR [Anti-Reflective] coating for the ultimate in design, performance and value.

  • Bolle Spring Hinges - Provide just the right amount of tension to ensure the frame sits comfortably on your head while staying secure.
  • Adjustable Nose Pads - Each nose pad can be made to fit the unique contours and angles of your nose and keep the frame securely in place.
  • Dual Composition Frames - Monel, a lightweight corrosion-resistant metal allow, is fused with nylon to create our dual composition frames, providing the durability of a metal frame with the increased comfort of a nylon frame.
  • Bolle Rx Sunglasses- Most Bolle frames have been engineered to accommodate Rx prescriptions lenses - The Bolle authentic prescription program offers all the style, performance and quality you expect from Bolle plano eyewear with the addition of the wearer's prescription. The Bolle Rx Sunglasses program offers a patented 8-base lens technology and perfectly matched lens tints and technologies. We carry an exclusive collection of prescription sunglasses and Bolle prescription sunglasses are among the best selling models.
  • Bolle MICROFUSION- A patented metal frame manufacturing process. Molten metal alloys are injected into specially designed molds for precision frame styling and design.

Available Bolle Sunglasses Frame Color Selection

Bolle Sunglasses Lens Information

Bolle Lenses Features

  • UVA/UVB Protection - Bolle exceeds the industry standard with 100%UVA/UVB protection.
  • Bolle Polycarbonate (PC) Lenses - Ultra-lightweight and virtually shatterproof, Bolle's premium grade plastic resin lens is 20 times more impact resistant than glass and one-third of the weight.
  • Bolle P3 Technology - Performance, Polycarbonate, Polarized lenses provide the ultimate in lens technology.
  • Bolle Carbo-Glass Coating - Applied to both sides of the lens, this coating provides superior scratch resistance.
  • Bolle Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating - Scientifically engineered coating applied to the back of lenses to provide protection from backside glare, keeping optics crystal clear.
  • ANSI Standards - All Bolle lenses exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements for UV protections, impact resistance and optical clarity.
  • Polarization - Embedded in the lens, this scientifically engineered filter fights extreme glare and reflections, enhancing visual acuity. Bolle Polarized sunglasses are simply awesome!
  • Bolle Optics Control System - (Select nylon interchangeable-lens frame styles) Unique interchangeable lens system provides you with exactly the right lens for the light conditions you face.

Bolle Sport Specific Features

  • Bolle Competivision- Highlights optic yellow while muting all other colors. This Bolle sun glass lens is perfect for tennis and softball players and fans. Bolle Competivision sunglasses lenses act like filters, carefully muting all colors in the spectrum except optic yellow. The result is amazing: a tennis ball that literally pops out of the background. That's why Bolle Competivision sunglass line is the official eyewear of the US Professional Tennis Association.
  • Bolle EagleVision 2- High contrast cinnamon Bolle lens that helps highlight the different contrasts in green colors and enhance visual acuity on the golf course. Included in this line is the proprietary Bolle EagleVision 2 lens which enhances contrast at the green part of the color spectrum. Now you can see difficult breaks in the green while reducing annoying glare.

Bolle Sunglasses Lens Colors Not all lenses are available in all frames.

Bolle Sunglasses warranty

OpticsPlanet.comis an Authorized US-based wholesale and retail distributor for Bolle eyewear and all purchases from us are covered by the full Bolle manufacturer's warranty. Except no cheap imitations - all of products on sale are Guaranteed 100% Genuine and Authentic and covered by the warrany! Bolle (B.P.O.) warrants to the consumer that for one year from the date of purchase we will repair or replace, at our option, any Bolle product that is defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products which have been lost, altered, broken or damaged by misuse or failure to follow instructions provided with the product. Bolle does not warrant against normal wear, including lens scratching or accidental frame breakage.

Customer Feedback - Bolle Saved His Life!

Greetings. This is a testament to your product. Last Sunday 12/6/09 I was Pheshant hunting in Texas when I got shot with my Bolle's on. A number 4 shot hit my Bolle's in front of my left eye. The #4 pellet glanced off of the Bolle's and saved my eye. See attached photo's. I want to replace my Bolle's with the same frame and tint if you can tell from the photo's. I have a pair of WileyX's but they don't fit as well and the distortion is noticable compared to my Bolle's. Any assistance identifing my replacement is appreaciated. I live in Los Alamos New Mexico and not sure if we have a dealer out here.

  • Thank you
  • Rene Cusumano
Bolle Broken SunglassesBolle Broken Sunglasses