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After 50 years of providing the best performance eyewear that money can buy, Bolle Sunglasses have come to the forefront as a leader of both sport and fashion eyewear industries. Bolle has done extensive research into every aspect of what makes a pair of sunglasses transcend mere eyewear and become an essential part of your wardrobe. With this mind Bolle Sunglasses incorporate advanced lens technology, such as polarized and modular lenses, which are great for a wide variety of applications, and their Eaglevision, Competivision and Marine lenses all focus on particular activities to provide the best possible image. The frame technology is similarly cutting edge, with high quality, lightweight materials and designs that combine comfort with style. Whether you're seeking the perfect pair of Bolle Shades for a day at the beach, a round of golf or long-awaited cruise, take a look below and you'll find just what you need. If you need a little guidance in your search, check out our How To Guide on Choosing Sunglasses.

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As so many pairs of Bolle Sunglasses are specially geared toward a particular market, you'll want to consider your needs. Golfers love the Eaglevision lenses because the color green is given extra focus, allowing the player to seen subtle breaks and different textures on the green on every challenging hole. Tennis enthusiasts prefer the Competivision lens, as the ball is far clearer, which comes greatly in handy when it's moving at high speeds and reaction time is crucial. For long boat rides where the glare from the sun is particularly harsh, the Marine lenses give a clear image with little color distortion while minimizing the potentially damaging effect sunlight can have. Regardless of your level of competition or activity, there's a pair of Bolle Sunglasses that will fit the bill. And if you are in need of prescription lenses, be sure to check out our Bolle Prescription Sunglasses page.

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