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Brunton Spotting Scopes features high-quality optics and crisp, clean, color-correct images. All Brunton Eterna Spotting Scopes offer ED Glass lenses, Emerald Fire fully multi coated optics, and alloy frame w/ ergonomic body armor. Brunton Eterna Spottingscopes are waterproof, fogproof and nitrogen filled. These Brunton Spotting-Scopes are tripod/ monopod compatible, and Brunton Full-size Eterna Spotting Scopes have multi-step, locking rings, that allow scopes to be rotated independent of tripod. Both Brunton Eterna Compact Spotting Scope and Brunton Eterna Fullsize Scopes feature a convenient sight alignment tube, that makes locating your subject a quicker process. Each Brunton Eterna Spotting Scope comes standard with spotting scope zoom eyepiece and is covered by Brunton Limited Life Time Warranty.

More About Brunton Spotting Scopes

Every Brunton Monocular has some unique features that other monoculars don't.

Brunton Macroscope Monocular 's close focus distance is just 18 inches, which is perfect for crime scene investigators to see extract details at the site of a crime, for museum visitors to view from afar without damaging historic items, and for naturalists viewing butterflies and dragonflies.

Brunton Eterna Monocular Waterproof Scope is so popular it's even appeared in the movie, "Elektra".

Brunton Echo Pocket Scope Monocular with it's BaK-4 prism glass and multi-coated optics features unsurpassed image clarity for a pocket-sized monocular.

 ETERNA FULL SIZE SPOTTING SCOPE:  Brunton 9080EDW-A Eterna 80mm ED Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Eyepiece, Angled
 Brunton 9080EDW-S Eterna 80 mm ED Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Eyepiece, Straight

 Brunton 's premiere long distance optics, Brunton Eterna Angled Spotting Scope and Brunton Eterna Straight Spotting Scope, impressed critics from the get-go. The inclusion of ED (extra-low dispersion fluorite) glass makes Brunton 20-60X80 Spotting Scopes especially desirable for birders, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and professionals alike. Constructed for optimum performance and extended durability, Brunton Waterproof Eterna Spottingscopes offers a variety of extra features to make spotting a more enjoyable experience. Brunton Eterna Full Size Spotting Scope 's included eyepiece offers eyeglass wearers the luxury of multi-step, long eye relief at 20x to 60x power. When mounted on a tripod, Brunton Full-Size Eterna ED Spotting Scopes can be rotated without adjusting the tripod head. A multi-step, locking ring allows these spotting scopes to be turned independent of the tripod for comfortable viewing angles. Brunton Eterna Scope 's sight-alignment tube makes locating your subject a quicker process, and glare reducing sunshade eliminates reflections on the objective lens. Sometimes the little things make all the difference. In this instance, Brunton 20-60x80mm Eterna Spotting Scope 's interactive neoprene case fills the ticket. This spotting scope case repeatedly requested by spotting-scope owners everywhere. Designed to protect your Brunton Spotting Scope while in use, this flexible slip-on cover offers a sleek alternative to the typical, traditional case.

 ETERNA COMPACT SPOTTING SCOPE:  Brunton 9050ED-S Eterna 50mm ED Spotting Scope w/ 18-38x Eyepiece, Straight

 One of the most compact designs ever introduced, Brunton Eterna Compact Spotting Scope is certainly a head-turner. With a 50 mm ED objective lens, this Brunton Spotting Scope offers excellent viewing in a discreet package that's unbelievably easy to handle. With the included eye piece, you get a unique range - from 18X to 38X - giving you options you wouldn't expect from small and manageable compact spotting scope. Like Brunton Full Size Eterna Scopes, Brunton Eterna Compact 18-38x50mm Spotting Scope uses ED glass and is fully-multi coated, waterproof and nitrogen filled. Brunton 50 ED Eaterna Compact Spotting Scope 9050 ED-S is another revolutionary optic that's sure to become tradition..

 BRUNTON MONOCULARS:  Brunton 4070W Eterna Waterproof Monocular 6x30
 Brunton ECHO7018 Echo Pocket Scope 7x18
 Brunton 7040-MACRO Brunton Macroscope Close Focus Monocular 7x40

 Developed for its convenience and size, Brunton Eterna Monocular ECHO7018 takes ergonomics a few steps further with a palm-fitting grip and a slender shape. Brunton Eterna 6x30mm Monocular even appeared in a Hollywood action film. This Brunton Monocular Scope is waterproof and fogproof, and features BAK-4 Prisms and fully multi coated optics.

Brunton 7X18 Monocular ECHO Pocket Scope features BaK-4 prism glass and multi coated optics. Brunton Pocket Scope ECHO-71018 has a near focus of only 13 inches. Quality optics have never been so small. Take a peek at Brunton Echo Pocket Scope before it takes a peek at you.

The only optic of its kind, Brunton MacroScope 7040-MACRO brings to life details you would normally never see. Brunton Macro Scope Monoculars allows to zoom in tight for a close-up view from just 18 inches away and follow your subject to infinity with the turn of the focus wheel. This Brunton Scope offers Emerald Fire full multi-coating, BaK-4 prism glass and twist-up eye relief system. Brunton Macroscope Close Focus Monocular is tripod/ monopod compatible.

Features of Brunton Spotting Scopes and Monoculars:

Model 9080EDW-A 9080EDW-S 9050ED-S 4070W 7040-MACRO ECHO7018
Power 20-60x 20-60x 18-38x 6x 7x 7x
Objective Diameter 80 mm 80 mm 50 mm 30 mm 40 mm 18 mm
Overall Dimensions 15.5"x3.6"x4.3" 15.5"x3.6"x4.3" 8.1"x4"x4" 6"x2"x1.9" 6.5"x26"x2.5" 1.3"3.3"
Weight 3.5 lb 3.5 lb 24 oz 11.5 oz 11.3 oz 1.8 oz
Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Polymer Polymer Polymer
Close Focus Distance 20 ft* 20 ft* 20 ft* 12 ft 1.5 ft 1.1 ft
Exit Pupil 4 mm* 4 mm* 2.8 mm* 5 mm 5.7 mm 2.6 mm
Eye Relief*** 17 mm 17 mm 16 mm 19 mm 15 mm 12 mm
Twist Eye Relief Type Multi-step Multi-step Multi-step --- Standard ---
Filed of View at 1000 yds 98 ft* 98 ft* 141 ft* 341 ft 336 ft 181 ft
Aspheric Ocular Lenses No No No No No No
Prism Type Bak-4 Bak-4 Bak-4 Bak-4 Bak-4 Bak-4
ED Glass Yes Yes Yes No No No
Lens Coating Type Full Multi Full Multi Full Multi Full Multi Full Multi Full
Waterproof/ Fogproof Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Nitrogen Filed Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Tripod Compatible Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Warranty Type Llimited Lifetime Llimited Lifetime Llimited Lifetime Llimited Lifetime One Year One Year

* At lowest power

*** In general, optics with at least 15mm of eye relief are considered eyeglass compatible