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Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3001-5215 - Black Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Frame Color: Black
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3001-5215
MPN: BE2136-3001-52
UPC: 713132571651
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3010-5215 - Olive Green Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Olive Green
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3010-5215
MPN: BE2136-3010-52
UPC: 713132571699
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3351-5215 - Bordeaux Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Bordeaux
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3351-5215
MPN: BE2136-3351-52
UPC: 713132571712
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3001-5415 - Black Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Frame Color: Black
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3001-5415
MPN: BE2136-3001-54
UPC: 713132571668
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3010-5415 - Olive Green Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Frame Color: Olive Green
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3010-5415
MPN: BE2136-3010-54
UPC: 713132571705
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3365-5215 - Turquoise Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Turquoise
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3365-5215
MPN: BE2136-3365-52
UPC: 713132838693
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3366-5215 - Orange Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 52 mm
Frame Color: Orange
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3366-5215
MPN: BE2136-3366-52
UPC: 713132838679
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3365-5415 - Turquoise Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Frame Color: Turquoise
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3365-5415
MPN: BE2136-3365-54
UPC: 713132838709
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3366-5415 - Orange Frame
$110.00 $170.00 Save 35%
Lens Diameter: 54 mm
Frame Color: Orange
Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3366-5415
MPN: BE2136-3366-54
UPC: 713132838686

Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames Product Info

Burberry Eyeglass Frames BE2136 are designed for those who appreciate quality and elegance, and look for sophisticated style with a fresh design. We are an authorized distributor of Burberry Eyewear with 100% authentic Burberry BE 2136 frames on sale with Free Shipping is Included! If you find the same frames from another authorized dealer at a lower price, let us know and we will match that price! The Burberry BE2136 eye glasses frames presented on this page come with non-prescription Demo lenses. You can also order Burberry BE2136 eyeglasses with single vision Rx lens (lenses for far, near, computer or reading distance) from our on-line store. If you are looking for Burberry BE2136 with varifocal lenses, please take a look at Burberry BE2136 Bifocal eye glasses and Burberry BE2136 Progressive eye glasses web pages.

Available Burberry BE2136:

The BE2136 eyeglasses frame draw inspiration from Burberry latest clothing collection reflecting a combination of modern designs and classic elegance. Contact Us if our Eyeglasses Experts may help you order the Eyeglass Frames. We are also here to help with our entire collection of Burberry eyewear including Burberry Frames, Burberry Eyeglasses, Burberry Prescription Sunglasses, and, of course, famous Burberry Sunglasses.

Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames Description:

  • Burberry BE2136 Frame Material: ACETATE
  • Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames Lens Diameter: 52 mm / 54 mm
  • BE2136 Distance Between Lenses: 15 mm
  • Gender: WOMAN

Package Contents:

  • New Authentic Burberry BE2136
  • Hard case for Burberry eyeglasses
  • Cleaning cloth with Burberry logo

Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames Unorderable Models

Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3001-5200 - Black Frame, MPN: BE2136-3001-52, UPC: 713132571651, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3001-5200
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3010-5200 - Olive Green Frame, MPN: BE2136-3010-52, UPC: 713132571699, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3010-5200
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3351-5200 - Bordeaux Frame, MPN: BE2136-3351-52, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3351-5200
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3001-5400 - Black Frame, MPN: BE2136-3001-54, UPC: 713132571668, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3001-5400
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3010-5400 - Olive Green Frame, MPN: BE2136-3010-54, UPC: 713132571705, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3010-5400
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3351-5400 - Bordeaux Frame, MPN: BE2136-3351-54, UPC: 713132571729, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3351-5400
Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames 3351-5415 - Bordeaux Frame, MPN: BE2136-3351-54, UPC: 713132571729, Code: V8-EG-BE2136-3351-5415

Burberry BE2136 Eyeglass Frames Comments