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Burberry bifocal eyeglasses allow you to read about British high fashion while wearing a piece of British high fashion. The inventors of the trench coat now bring you several varieties of sharp-looking bifocals that continue Burberry's pursuit of the ideal aesthetic. Bifocal lenses can fit in the majority of Burberry glasses frames, allowing you to maintain your sense of style while improving your visual acuity. Burberry bifocals utilize standard bifocal lenses, which feature a close magnification lens along the bottom (similar to reading glasses) and a standard corrected lens along the top, letting you switch between the two at will. You can also pick up a pair of Burberry progressive glasses to get rid of the "bifocal line" that separates the two lenses in standard prescription glasses, or you can choose a pair of Burberry single vision lenses for a simple, effective piece of eyewear. Whatever your style, bifocal glasses by Burberry keep you looking sharp while keeping your vision just as sharp.

Burberry Bifocal Eyeglasses

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