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Burberry eyeglasses with single vision lenses represent the most common breed of prescription eyewear by Burberry. That's because single vision lenses are also the simplest type of lens for prescription eyeglasses, designed to be used in any environment for virtually any degree of vision loss. Though they're not effective for people who need reading glasses, Burberry prescription glasses with single vision lenses can be used to counteract the effects of astigmatism by correcting the angle of your retina, whether you have a problem with long-range or short-range vision. Burberry single vision eyeglasses are totally compatible with the full line of sleek Burberry frames. You probably won't find the classic Burberry patch pattern, but you will find a wide range of glasses frames that fit any style. Single vision lens glasses by Burberry are a great, all-purpose pair of eyeglasses for crisp vision and elegant style.

Burberry Eyeglasses w/ Single Vision Lenses

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