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Burberry progressive eyeglasses provide two layers of vision correction without the associated stigma of wearing bifocal glasses. Bifocals are a stereotypical trapping of the old person; they're the breed of prescription eyeglasses used by people whose eyes have deteriorated so far that they need a pair of specialized glasses. Though millions of people the world over use bifocals, they're still looked down upon as lesser than other glasses. Progressive lenses allow you to bypass the bifocal stigma while still retaining everything that made bifocals worthwhile in the first place. With Burberry progressive glasses, you can look down to read small print or do other close-range vision tasks, or look up to see everything else in crystal-clear focus, all without the annoying line that separates bifocal lenses from single vision lenses. Burberry, long known as a high fashion manufacturer of clothing, bags, and accessories, also designs a full line of Burberry prescription glasses and Burberry prescription sunglasses, including prescription glasses with progressive lenses. Most Burberry frames are compatible with progressive lenses, allowing you to customize your eyewear to fit your own fashion needs. Purchase progressive glasses by Burberry and cast off the shackles of your old-fashioned bifocals for something that's new, sleek, and completely indispensable.

Burberry Progressive Eyeglasses

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