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Burris Signature Universal Dovetail 30mm Riflescope Matter Black Ring Pair - High
$60.20 $86.09 Save 30%
Ring Height: High
Code: BR-RR-SIGNUD30mm-420581
MPN: 420581
UPC: 000381205810
Burris Signature Universal Dovetail 30mm Riflescope Matter Black Ring Pair - Medium
$60.20 $86.09 Save 30%
Ring Height: Medium
Code: BR-RR-SIGNUD30mm-420578
MPN: 420578
UPC: 000381205780
Burris Signature Universal Dovetail 30mm Riflescope Mat Black Ring Pair - Extra High
$60.20 $86.09 Save 30%
Ring Height: Extra High
Code: BR-RR-SIGNUD30mm-420582
MPN: 420582
UPC: 000381205827

Burris 30mm Signature Universal Dovetail Scope Mount Rings Product Info

Burris 30mm Signature Rifle Scope Rings Universal Dovetail are for the shooter who demands the best performance imagefrom his equipment and is a practical thinker. The benefits of this revolutionary design are many. Consistent accuracy. Tremendous gripping power. Scratch-free and stress-free mounting. Scope value preservation. By putting a synthetic pivoting insert within a Burris steel outer ring, your scope-to-ring surface area contact becomes virtually 100%. Burris 30mm Signature Universal Dovetail Ring Pair is shipped with Burris concentric and +/-.010" inserts.

Burris Ring Height Sizing Chart

Specifications for Burris Riflescope Mounts Rings Bases 420578:

Mfg Item Num:  420578
Category:  OPTICS - RINGS
Type:  Signature Rings
Size:  Burris Bases
Height:  Medium
Tube Diameter:  30mm
Finish:  Black

Features of Burris Sign 30mm Rings - Universal Dovetail:

  • Prevent "Ring Marks" on the finish of the rifle scope tube - By using precision-made, tight-gripping inserts made of a dimensionally-stable synthetic material, the riflescope is not scratched or crushed which often occurs with conventional rings. With Universal Dovetail Signature Burris 1" Rings, when the scope is mounted in different positions or moved to another firearm, it still looks good as new -- also increasing the resale value of the scope.
  • Grip The Scope Better - Burris Concentric synthetic inserts gripping the rifle scope tube are made of a material slightly softer than the hard-coat anodized rifle-scope tube. The Burris inserts are manufactured by a process that nearly eliminates tolerances and produces incredibly consistent parts. The inserts are slightly wider than standard BURRIS steel rings which increases the potential surface area contact by 12%. (Burris standard riflescope rings already provide 10% to 30% more gripping area than many other popular brands.) With the Burris synthetic inserts pivoting on all axis, they grip the entire surface area of the scope tube rather than only a portion of the tube as is the case with unlapped standard steel rings.
  • Permit The Scope To Be Mounted Without Stressing The Scope- Burris self-aligning synthetic inserts pivot within the ring housings to eliminate any axial misalignment and induced stress on the riflescope. Hunters and competitive shooters alike can experience temperatures from 10 degrees to over 100 degrees, and at even greater extremes. As an aluminum rifle scope and steel firearm expand and contract with temperature changes, the rifle-scope will maintain point-of-impact integrity much better if it is mounted stress-free.

Package Contents:

  • Burris Signature Universal Dovetail 30mm Riflescope Mounting Rings
  • Burris Concentric and +/- .010" Inserts

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