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Precision machined from bars of solid steel, each exquisitely styled Burris mount is carefully hand polished, blued and meticulously inspected. Contoured to precisely fit a specific receiver, Burris bases deliver a wide choice of eye relief for a multitude of scope models. Your choice of mounts is further enhanced by the addition of the versatile Burris XTB Weaver-Style bases.

Burris Long Eye Relief Universal (LU) & Supreme Universal (SU) Bases Recoil Stop Screw makes the Burris LU base as strong as double dovetail systems without sacrificing windage adjustment.

Burris Long Eye Relief Universal Base (LU)

The finest handgun base there is. They're 100% magnum-proof, and take the recoil of even the largest handguns.

Burris Supreme Universal Base (SU)

Burris Supreme bases are recognized as the best one-piece base available. Made by hand every step of the way, they're strong enough to take the recoil of any caliber.

Buris XTB Solid Steel Xtreme Bases Burris XTB Solid Steel Weaver Style Base

Not just another Weaver-style base, the Buris XTB Solid Steel Bases are solid steel and designed for maximum mounting flexibility to each rifle model.

Item #

Burris Riflescope TU Two Piece Bases Burris Trumount Universal Bases (TU)

Light and strong solid steel, these two-piece bases will complement any rifle.

Burris Trumount Universal Reversable Extension Bases

These bases permit the mounting of long scopes with large bells without using special rings. They allow the front ring to be set 1" further forward or rearward.

Burris DD Two Piece Bases (Double Dovetail) Burris Double Dovetail Bases (DD) and Reversable Extension Bases

Traditionally, double dovetail bases could cause riflescope damage and misalignment - even slight machine tolerances for receivers, rings or bases force rings to bend the rifle scope. Until now. With Burris Signature Rings, Double Dovetail Bases makes good sense. That's why Burris rings for double dovetail bases are offered only in Burris Signature Ring line.

Burris Trumount Universal Bases (TU) for Kimber Rifles Burris Trumount Universal Bases (TU) for Kimber Rifles

We went the extra mile for these special rifles. Featuring an attractive and unique custom-look sculpted design to complement the grace and prestige of these fine rifles.

Item # Burris 410205 (84M) Item # Burris 410235 (8400)

Burris Ruger to Weaver Base Adapter use with Zee Rings Burris Ruger-to-Weaver Base Adapter

With these adapters you can use famed Burris Zee Rings on your Ruger rifle or handgun.

Description Item #
M77, Super Redhawk Burris 410990
R1,77/22, 77ML, 77/44, M-14 Burris 410991

Burris Scout Scope Gunsmith Base Burris Scout Scope Gunsmith Base This semi-finished base can be fitted directly to the barrel by any gunsmith. The two front holes match Remington rear sight hole spacing, leaving only one hole to drill and tap. Other applications require drilling and tapping 3 holes.

Item #Burris 410359 (for bolt action rifles)

Burris Browning 22 Auto Barrel Mount Burris Browning 22 Auto Barrel Mount Attaches in seconds without drilling and tapping, and provides a sturdy base for 3/8" 22 rings. Item # Burris 410610

Burris Ruger Mark I and II Handgun Base Burris Ruger Mark I and II Handgun Base

This streamlined base installs in seconds without drilling or tapping. It accepts 3/8" 22 rings. Designed for any model with adjustable rear sight.

LU-MKII-Black Item # Burris 410358 LU-MKII-Nickel Item # Burris 410375

Burris Gunsmith Bases Burris Gunsmith Bases

You customize the height, length, radius, flutes, and hole spacing for a truly custom set-up. Provided "in the white".

Windage Base #Burris 410998 Dovetail Base #Burris 410999

Burris Tikka Bases Burris Tikka Bases

A single set of bases allows any height or color of universal-style Burris Standard or Burris Signature Rings to be used on Tikka bolt action rifles.

Description Item #
Burris TU-Tikka Matte Base Burris 410266
Burris TU-Tikka Nickle Base Burris 410267
Burris DD-Tikka Matte Base Burris 410586
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Burris Rifle Scope Solid Steel Bases

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