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Bushnell ARES is a series of astronomical telescopes that will let you peer deep into the cosmos, without burning a deep hole in your wallet. These Bushnell Telescopes are advanced refinements of the innovative Dobsonian telescope system, combining powerful magnification and large aperature into a lightweight, compact and easy-to-transport package. Dobsonian reflectors have been in use by amatuer astronomers for nearly 50 years. Bushnell DOB Telescopes build on that success and refine the design, with a larger truss-tube telescope option for higher magnification or a solid-tube design for a larger field of view. With either of the Bushnell ARES series telescopes, you're getting a sturdy and powerful Newtonian Reflector telescope that's easy to transport to dark sky observation sites. A Bushnell DOB model scope can be quickly set up by a single person.

The Bushnell ARES Telescopes are named for NASA's Ares rocket, which is planned to return humans to the moon and later take them to Mars and other destinations. Bushnell Dobsonian Telescopes have a generous light-gathering capacity thanks to their large aperatures, making them capable of viewing deep sky objects beyond our solar system, including interstellar clouds, galaxies and star clusters. The Dobsonian telescope mount gives these Newtonian telescopes a rock-solid stability. You can adjust the position of your Bushnell DOB Telescope without the annoyance of residual shake. Whether you're just getting started in amateur astronomy, or you want to step up from a beginner's level to more advanced observation without breaking the bank, the Bushenll DOB Telescope series from Bushnell is an ideal choice.

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