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A holographic sight is considered by most shooters as having the quickest target acquisition available in a firearm sighting system. EOTech holographic weapon sights (HWS) are current military issue, and use a heads-up display similar to the proven system that is used in F14 Tomcat fighter jets. EOTech, who also designed the Bushnell HOLOsight, is first in the field of heads-up display sighting systems adaptable to small and medium sized weapons platforms. Holographic sights offer a parallax-free reticle with considerably more peripheral vision than tube-type sights of any kind. Holographic red dot sights increase hit probability significantly over other weapon sights, and deliver critical speed gains.

The EOTech 551 holosights and EOTech 552 holographic sights offer twenty different reticle brightness levels, as do the Bushnell HOLOsights, including the new Bushnell Holosight XLP Rifle Scopes models. The EOTech 551, EOTech 552 and the EOTech 553 offer thirty different brightness levels, with ten levels specifically designed for use with night vision equipment.

A Bushnell Holosight 510021 for hunting and target handguns is a good choice and is made to withstand severe recoil, and is a good choice for shotguns as well. Since they are made by Eotech, you can be sure of the quality. EOTech archery red dot sights are standard sights on some sportsman’s bows and crossbows, and offer the largest field of view available.

EOTech HWS red dot sights, Bushnell HOLOsights are all available at OpticsPlanet.