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Product Discontinued by Manufacturer

Factory DEMO, Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Camera Binoculars has been discontinued by Bushnell and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Digital Binocular Cameras, Digital Camera Binoculars, Digital Cameras categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you!

Factory DEMO, Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Camera Binoculars Product Info

Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Imaging Binoculars 110833 are combination of a high-resolution digital camera and compact roof-prism binoculars, so you can observe and record the action close-up at the same time and minimize the gear you carry into the woods. Thse Image View Digital Imaging Binoculars by Bushnell feature fully coated optics, premium BaK-7 prisms, convenient center focus and fold-down eyecups for easy viewing with or without eyeglasses. The Digital Camera takes crystal-clear still photos and stores them in memory (built-in RAM or SD card) with the push of a button. Image View binoculars are compact enough to fit in a pocket and come in a variety of models to suit everyone from sports fans to adventure travelers.Bushnell ImageView Digital Camera Binoculars are perfect for Bird Watching, Outdoor/Nature, General Use/Vacation, Stadium Sports, and Hunting. Remember these digital binoculars, and unforgettable moments are a lot easier to come by.

We are the largest online authorized distributors/dealer of Bushnell products. We guarantee the best service and price on Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Imaging Binoculars 11-0833 and all other Bushnell Digital Camera Binoculars.

Available options of Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Camera Binoculars:

  • 110833-DEMO: Open Box, Dealer Demo, Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Camera Binoculars

Specifications for Bushnell ImageView 8x30 3.2MP Digital Imaging Binoculars:

Magnification X Objective Lens:   8x30
Focus System:   Center
Prism System:   Roof
Field of View ft@1000yds/m@1000m:   320 / 107
External Memory:   accepts SD cards up to 1GB
Exit Pupil (mm):   3.75
Weight (oz/g):   14.8 / 419

Bushnell ImageView Binoculars Information & Frequently Asked Questions features a complete line of Bushnell ImageView digital binoculars with camera, Bushnell Instant Replay binoculars, and Bushnell Digital Imaging Systems / Digital Spotting Scopes. We offer everything from inexpensive Bushnell Digital Binoculars Cameras and Bushnell Image Capture Pocket Binoculars to the best of the best, like Bushnell Digital Imaging System Binoculars and Bushnell InstantReplay Digital Binoculars Cameras and Bushnell Digital Night Vision Viewers for night observations! Looking through a Bushnell binocular or a spotting scope can be magical, and now you can easily capture and save the wonderful images that you see with one of the Bushnell Digital Imaging products that we offer  Bushnell has combined a powerful, long-range binocular with a compact, digital camera and engineered a world of endless possibilities. One of our most popular digital binoculars camera models, the Bushnell ImageView digital camera binoculars are ideal for sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers that want to simultaneously view and record everything. Available in a variety of models, compact enough to slip into a pocket and packed with powerful performance features, the Bushnell Image View binocular camera makes a perfect gift for any gizmos / gadget lover!


  • A menu/control panel to command camera functions
  • A USB port and memory card slot (selected models)
  • Bushnell 8x camera magnification
  • Software Included
  • Dedicated Bushnell ImageView binoculars Customer Service Support via email at: and phone 1-800-423-3537


Q: How do I focus the Bushnell ImageView Digital Binocular Camera? How close can I get for sharp digital binoculars photos? How close will the Bushnell Image View binoculars focus? A: The camera part of the Bushnell ImageView digibino is has its own optics, independent of the binocular. The Bushnell Image View camera lens has a preset focus which is optimized for distances of 40 feet and further away (as binoculars are normally used for viewing of distant subjects). If you try to take photos of objects closer than 40 feet, they will not be sharp. The Bushnell ImageView binoculars, however, will allow you to focus as close as 15 feet.

Q: How powerful is the Bushnell ImageView camera? A: The Bushnell ImageView camera has an 8 power magnification (objects in your photos will appear 8 times closer), the built-in binocular provides 7x, 8x, or10x magnification depending on the Bushnell ImageView binoculars model. Because of the high magnification, it is important to hold the Bushnell ImageView binoculars steady for best results. Q: How long will the batteries last in a Bushnell ImageView Binoculars? What kind of camera battery should/can I use? A: Alkaline batteries (AAA size) are recommended, and should last for approximately 400 pictures. (As noted below, the internal memory holds 80 or 300 photos, depending on the resolution setting). Lithium AAA batteries may be used if even greater life is desired.

Q: Will I lose my pictures if I take out or change the batteries? A: Yes, if the batteries are removed, any photos stored in the Bushnell ImageView memory will be lost UNLESS you purchased a model with an SD/MMC memory slot and keep your picture on that flash memory card. If you do not have a Secure Digital (SD) or MMC memory card in your digital camera, be sure to download your photos to a computer before changing batteries. Keep an eye on the battery indicator, so you can plan to download before your batteries get too low.

Q: How many photos can the Bushnell ImageView take (hold in its memory)? A: The Bushnell ImageView camera's internal memory will hold an average of 80 photos at the high resolution setting, and 300 photos at low resolution. The actual capacity will vary slightly as some images contain more information than others, using more space in memory. "Your mileage may vary..."  IF your budget allows, we highly recommend purchasing a digital binocular camera with a memory slot, so you will not be limited by the built-in memory of the camera.

Q: Am I required to use the included with Bushnell ImageView Roxio PhotoSuite 4 software to view and download photos from the Bushnell ImageView binoculars? A: No, if you already have other photo imaging software on your PC that you prefer (and is capable of accessing standard TWAIN devices-most imaging software is), you may use it instead, as long as the Bushnell ImageView drivers are correctly installed first. The "import" or "load" menus in your software should be able to access the Bushnell ImageView photo files, which are stored as .bmp (standard bitmap) format. 

Bushnell Manuals and complete Bushnell Warranty and Repair Information is available for download here.

Q: What are the system requirements for using the Bushnell ImageView camera software? Can I use it on a Mac? A: The Bushnell ImageView camera software is PC-only, with the following requirements: • Pentium® 166MMX minimum (Pentium II 266 recommended) or equivalent AMD® processor • Windows® 98SE/ME/NT/2000 or XP • Minimum 32 MB of RAM • 200 megabytes free hard drive space • USB port (capable of providing power to connected devices)

Q: Will the Bushnell ImageView digital binocular camera work on a computer with Windows® XP? A: Yes, the Bushnell ImageView digital binocular cameras have always been XP compatible. If you have any issues with the drivers or software for your Bushnell Image View Binocular, you can obtain a replacement disc by calling customer service at 1-800-423-3537. Installing the Bushnell Image View Camera software will not harm your computer. Digital Binoculars cameras with MMC/SD memory slot work with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and you can even use them with a Mac or UNIX/LINUX computer if you use one of our Memory Card USB Readers/Writers & Adaptors to download pictures on your computer!

Q: Does it matter which USB port I connect the Bushnell ImageView Camera to? Can I use a USB hub? A: As the Bushnell ImageView Cameras get power from the USB connection while downloading photos, it may not work correctly when plugged into a front panel or keyboard USB port on some computers. We recommend using a rear panel USB connection. Avoid using a USB hub, unless the hub has its own AC adapter to supply power to connected devices.

Features of Bushnell Image View 8x30mm 3.2MegaPixel Digital Binocular 110833:

  • Fully Coated Optics
  • Fold Down Eyecups
  • 3.2 Megapixel still pictures
  • 16 MB of Internal Memory
  • SD Card Slot
  • 1.5" flip-up LCD screen
  • Uses 2 AAA Batteries
  • Great for Bird Watching, Outdoor/Nature, General Use/Vacation, Stadium Sports, Hunting

Package contents:

  • Bushnell ImageView 8x30mm 3.2MP Digital Imaging Binoculars 110833

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