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Bushnell Radar Guns are the top choice of baseball enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, golfers and more who are looking for an accurate, reliable radar gun that won't break the bank! With over 50 years of experience creating sports optics, Bushnell recognizes the many challenges facing athletes today, and they strive to make things easier by producing high quality gear that is simple to use, inexpensive and will last for years to come. Every Bushnell Radar Gun is so exceptional that OpticsPlanet decided to partner with Bushnell on the Speedster III Radar Gun, which is exclusive to OpticsPlanet and our sister store The Speedster III takes the amazing features of the Speedster II and Bushnell Velocity and adds greater range, battery life and RF Remote Display Technology for an optional wireless display. With all these great features in radar guns by Bushnell, you can rest assured that you will always have an accurate reading for baseball, racing and more!

More About Bushnell Radar Guns

Bushnell Radar Guns function using the Doppler Effect, which measures the difference in frequency of a radio wave dependant on it's current state of motion. It is the same scientific principle that makes cars sound different at a distance than up close as they pass by on the expressway. For more information on how Bushnell Radar Guns work, take a look at our How to Choose a Radar Gun Page. It features a lot of useful information on all things radar! The Doppler Effect in radar guns provides accurate data, and with the advanced technology in Bushnell Radar you can rely on your readings from up to 90 feet away for a baseball, and up to 1500 feet away for a car. And if you want to further enhance the capabilities of your Bushnell Radar Gun be sure to check out the Bushnell Radar Gun Accessories page.