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Bushnell Velocity gives you speed data that matters. A Bushnell radar gun from the Velocity family lets you know how fast a player pitches or runs - information that can instantly influence a coaching decision. And 15 miles over the limit doesn't seem so excessive when Bushnell tells you what they're doing down on the track with a Velocity radar gun. Radar guns in the Bushnell Velocity series will give you accurate speed readings with a +/- 1 mph error margin using digital technology and DSP (digital signal processing). These radar guns can time the speed of a baseball from up to 90 feet, or a vehicle from as far as 1,300 feet. The Bushnell Velocity family features a precision speed radar gun, great for measuring auto racing, baseball, softball, tennis, or anything moving over 10 miles per hour. Bushnell puts speed data right in your hand with the Velocity speed gun.

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