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$12.95 $16.10 Save 20%
Model: Cablz Zipz Xl 14'' ZipzXLB14
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-ZipzXLB14
MPN: ZipzXLB14
UPC: 013964254457
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$8.79 $11.99 Save 27%
Model: Cablz Xl Black 14'' CblzXLB14
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzXLB14
MPN: CblzXLB14
UPC: 837654381519
Cablz Original Black 14'' CblzB14
$9.29 $12.99 Save 28%
Model: Cablz Original Black 14'' CblzB14
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzB14
MPN: CblzB14
UPC: 837654381441
No Image Available
$11.09 $15.99 Save 31%
Model: Cablz Zipz Black 14'' ZipzB14
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-ZipzB14
MPN: ZipzB14
UPC: 013964254471
Cablz Zipz Xl 12'' ZipzXLB12
$11.39 $16.10 Save 29%
Model: Cablz Zipz Xl 12'' ZipzXLB12
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-ZipzXLB12
MPN: ZipzXLB12
UPC: 013964254464
No Image Available
$12.49 $17.57 Save 29%
Model: Cablz Zipz Silver/clear ZipzC
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-ZipzC
MPN: ZipzC
UPC: 013964254310
No Image Available
$13.59 $16.73 Save 19%
Model: Cablz Zipz Black 12'' ZipzB12
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-ZipzB12
MPN: ZipzB12
UPC: 013964254488
No Image Available
Model: Cablz Zipz Xl Silver/clear ZipzXLC
Code: 1DE-SA-30020-ZipzXLC
UPC: 0136964254303

Cablz Eyewear Retainer Product Info

The most suitable way to improve your undoubtedly remarkable spectacles, the Cablz Eyewear Retainer, was created to be a fantastic accessory for any eyeglasses owner. Built using the robust and reliable resources you have come to anticipate from this impressive company, these Eyewear Accessories from the professional eye wear specialists at Cablz will provide you with years of efficient services. Cablz has been generating premium quality eyeglasses components for an extremely long time, and the Cablz Eyewear Retainer is the direct outcome of their determination to today's consumer. For a good way to ensure that you possess the ideal addition for your menu of eyeglasses, pick the Cablz Eyewear Retainer.

CablzÓ are unique in the way they do not lay on your neck, distract you or irritate your skin. Perfect for fishing, boating, golfing, running, biking, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, snowmobiling or just enjoying the great outdoors. Made of surgical grade steel cable & industrial strength rubber. XL fits larger framed sunglasses.

Features of Cablz Eyewear Retainer:

  • Monoz: The surgical stainless steel cable is replaced with blue monofilament.
  • Zipz: Allows you to easily adjust your CablzÓ.
  • Limited quantity on Original Silver & Pink.

Package Contents:

  • Cablz Eyewear Retainer

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Cablz Eyewear Retainer Unorderable Models

Cablz Original Silver 12'' CblzC12, MPN: CblzC12, UPC: 837654381403, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzC12
Cablz Xl Black 12'' CblzXLb12, MPN: CblzXLb12, UPC: 837654381502, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzXLb12
Cablz Original Silver 14'' CblzC14, MPN: CblzC14, UPC: 837654381410, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzC14
Cablz Original Black 12'' CblzB12, MPN: CblzB12, UPC: 837654381434, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzB12
Cablz Pink 14'' CblzP14, MPN: CblzP14, UPC: 013964254068, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzP14
Cablz Pink Xl 13'' CblzXLP13, MPN: CblzXLP13, UPC: 013964254075, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzXLP13
Cablz Monoz 12'' CblzMono12, MPN: CblzMono12, UPC: 837654381465, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzMono12
Cablz Monoz 14'' CblzMono14, MPN: CblzMono14, UPC: 837654381472, Code: 1DE-SA-30020-CblzMono14

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