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Digital cameras let you capture that perfect moment with your friends or family. A digital camera is one of the best elements to not only capture that moment, but also create art! With less than a century of use, photographers like Ansel Adams and many other artists flourished as they sought out ways to stop time on film, to show the rest of the world what they saw and how they perceived it. There is a large variety of digital photography cameras one could use. You may get a small point and shoot digital camera for next to nothing, or you could buy a professional-grade digital SLR camera and DSLR Camera Lenses to go with it. So what makes one photo camera better than the other? Is the $500 difference really seen in the picture? The answer is YES! With digital cameras, just like most optics, price will almost always dictate your quality. You don't need a DSLR, but it definitely helps. With technology in cameras moving at the speed of light, the lightweights are beginning to catch up to the heavyweights. Overall, digital camera technology has grown substantially in the amount of tasks and the level of quality that they have been able to produce. The number of pixels is on the rise and prices are dropping as manufacturers continue to bring in newer and better cameras. If you have any more questions regarding your next digital camera purchase, we have experts to help you! We have a full line of digital cameras from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minox and more! Not only do we carry standard digital photo cameras, OpticsPlanet also stocks a wide range of specialty cameras, including film cameras, trail cameras for hunters, even professional-grade thermal imaging cameras and night vision cameras. For all your digital imaging needs, OpticsPlanet has you covered!

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