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CamLite specializes in high-tech, compact, lightweight mobile video and audio systems customized for police, military, industrial, and government use. Mobile security camera products from CamLite are easy to use, and operate on standard size batteries. Commercial safety, law enforcement and military security are all enhanced by Camlight video systems. Available CamLite Video Systems include a mobile wireless audio-video system housed inside a rugged, water-resistant, fully functional flashlight, and a helmet-mounted audio and video recording system.

  • Mobile - it goes wherever you want to go to document whatever you need to observe or inspect.
  • Wireless - transmits up to 1,000 feet line of sight.
  • Flexible - color video and audio transmissions record to computer hard drive, VCR or DVR.
  • Flashlight - 13,500 candlepower that is easy to use.
  • Adaptable - integrate with your existing camera systems.
  • Versatile - use with your biometric identification systems (facial recognition, fingerprint and iris recognition).

Simply aim and record to document an inspection or incident or whatever you need to record! CamLite Video System can be applied to Law Enforcement, Commercial, Industrial, and Governmental uses. Video and audio documentation of incidents or of inspections reduces costs and risks. It speeds repairs, identifies inappropriate behavior for correction, simplifies resolution of lawsuits and claims, and reduces frivolous lawsuits. Cam Lite Video Systems expand the reach of existing stationary video systems by adding audio, mobility and versatility. The Camlite Video System is a superb enhancement of site access control systems, both because of its mobility, and its utility for biometric identification systems. Increase store security, enhance documentation of inspections, speed repairs, identify inappropriate behavior for correction, simplify resolution of lawsuits and claims, and reduce frivolous lawsuits with surveillance equipment from CamLite Corp.

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