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CamLite security products form a crucial part of documenting events in the field. Security camera systems allow video and audio documentation of incidents or of inspections to reduce costs and risks. CamLite expands your security system by making it mobile and portable. The mobility of the CamLight Video System will supplement your existing stationary security cameras, whether in a patrol car, at a border crossing or other security location. It will enhance your facial recognition or other biometric identification systems by taking the system to the individual. Increase store security, enhance documentation of inspections, speed repairs, identify inappropriate behavior for correction, simplify resolution of lawsuits and claims, and reduce frivolous lawsuits with surveillance equipment from CamLite Corp.

Mobile video has many applications, from crime scene investigation and police video, to video surveillance and search and rescue operations. No law enforcement unit should be without Cam Lite Security Products.

Cam Light specializes in top-quality, lightweight compact video and audio systems customized for police, military, and government use. Their high-tech mobile security camera products are easy to use, durable and compact, and operate on standard size batteries. Commercial and industrial, government, police and military security are all enhanced by Camlight video systems.

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